CA Inter Corporate and other Laws New Syllabus By Ashish Aggarwal Applicable for May 2022 Exam

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CA Inter Corporate and other Laws New Syllabus By Ashish Aggarwal

CA Inter Corporate and other Laws New Syllabus By Ashish Aggarwal

Salient Features of this book:-
1. Tabular and Point wise presentation of text for easy understanding,
2. Diagrams for each topic which help in remembering and also in revising,
3. Conceptual Clarity of Law,
4. Helps in scoring very high marks in exam

The Companies Act 2013
1.1  Companies Act 2013- an Introduction
1.2 Incorporation of Company and Matters Incidental Thereto
1.3 Prospectus and Allotment of Securities
1.4 Share Capital and Debentures
1.5 Acceptance of Deposits by Companies
1.6 Registration of charges
1.7 Management and Administration
1.8 Declaration and payment of Dividend
1.9 Accounts of Companies
1.10 Audit and Auditors
The Indian Contract Act, 1872
2.1 Indemnity and Guarantee
2.2 Bailment and Pledge
2.3 Agency
The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881
3.1 Negotiable Instruments Act-an Introduction
3.2 Presentment of Negotiable Instrument
3.3 Negotiation of Negotiable Instrument
3.4 Liability of Various Parties
3.5 Discharge of Negotiable Instruments and Parties
3.6 Dishonout of Negotiable Instruments
3.7 Crossing of Cheques and its bouncing
3.8 Negotiable Instruments Act- Miscellaneous provisions
4.1 The General Clauses Act, 1897
5.1 Interpretation of Statutes, Deeds and Documents

About the Author
CA. Ashish K. Agarwal completed his graduation from Banaras Hindu University in the year 1998 and completed Chartered Accountancy in the year 2002. He also possesses Diploma in information system Audit. Further, he has also completed certification course in GST and Concurrent Audit of Banks (conducted by ICAI) He possesses rich industrial experience in the field of finance, accountancy, taxation, audit etc. Currently , he is practicing as a Chartered Accountant iin Lucknow, The key area of assignments being handled by him are GST, Income Tax, Audits, Accountancy, Subsidy etc. He has keen interest in academics and has been a regular writer in various journals etc.

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