CA Inter Success Booster Test Series (Online) Subject Wise Applicable For May 2023 Examinations


CA Inter Success Booster Test Series May 2023 Examinations

CA Inter Success Booster Test Series May 2023 Examinations


CA Mantra Academy has been conducting Offline Test Series for various papers of CA FINAL, INTERMEDIATE AND FOUNDATION examinations since 2014. Our Test Series are regularly updated and are well received by examinees. Many students have cleared their papers in first attempt and have obtained All India Ranks also.

In order to outreach a large number of examinees and provide well researched Test Series, CA Mantra had started Online Tess Series from 14th January, 2022 in the following papers:

Paper 1 – Accounting
Paper 2 – Corporate and Other Laws
Paper 3 – Cost and Management Accounting
Paper 4 – Taxation
Paper 5 – Advanced Accounting

Paper 6 – Auditing and Assurance
Paper 7 – Enterprise Information Systems and Strategic Management
Paper 8 – Financial Management and Economics for Finance

Each paper has FOUR portion wise tests and one Complete syllabus Test. Duration of each test is three hours and carries 100 marks. Candidates can upload the answer sheets in CAMANTRAACADEMY APP itself. After marking the Test, examiner’s feedback and guideline answers/hints/source will be provided. The detailed syllabus for each Test is available in the content section of each course and can be viewed free. Though all the Tests (except complete syllabus Tests) for the subjects mentioned above are available, the complete syllabus Tests will be uploaded at least one month before the examinations.

Though the candidates can attempt the test as per their convenience or preparation, it is advisable to attempt the tests as per the Time Table given in the Schedules A, B and C for CA FINAL, INTERMEDIATE AND FOUNDATION COURSES RESPECTIVELY. A candidate can upload the test only once. It is also preferable that a candidate gives the next test after a gap of one week to enable himself sufficient time for preparation.

Reference to Chapter is as per the latest Study Material available on the B.O.S. portal of ICAI. Candidates are advised the make the maximum use of Study Material, Revision Test Paper, Suggested Answers, Mock Test Papers released by B.O.S. Though examinations are to be held as per the New Scheme, candidates are strongly recommended to make use of material of Old syllabus for similar topics covered in New Syllabus.

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Unblock the path to success. Checkmate the CA examinations with CA Mantra’s Online SUCCESS BOOSTER TEST SERIES for MAY 2023 examination diet. There are FIVE TESTS for each paper of CA Final/Intermediate/Foundation examinations. Syllabus of Each Paper has been divided in Four parts and there is one Test Paper of 100 Marks for each part; while ONE TEST will cover the COMPLETE SYLLABUS. Each Test will be of Three Hours. MCQ-based papers of Foundation examination are of Two Hours duration. All Tests are as per the pattern of ICAI. Curriculum of each test is available on CAMANTRAACADEMY APP at google’s play store and at the website of POOJA LAW HOUSE. Further details are available on the APP and the website.