Video Lecture CA Inter Strategic Management Full Course New Scheme By CA Aaditya Jain Applicable for May / November 2024 Exam

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Video Lecture CA Inter SM Full Course By CA Aaditya Jain

Video Lecture CA Inter SM Full Course By CA Aaditya Jain


CA Inter New Scheme Strategic Management Full Course By CA Aaditya Jain in 40 Hrs. These lectures are beneficial for May 24 and onward attempts. Study materials will be provided with the same.

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Live Batch Details –
SM will start from Jan 2024 | Live at Home Backup: 100% Backup for Live at home students only.
(Google drive lectures will be provided to the students on a daily or weekly basis.)

Documents Required

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  • DECLARATION STATEMENT (COPY & PASTE IT IN MAIL WITH ABOVE DETAILS): I hereby declare that the information given above and in the enclosed documents is true and nothing has been concealed therein. I am well aware of the fact that if the information given by me is proved false / not true at any point in time, I will have to face punishment as per any provision of Law for the time being in force as well as the benefit availed of by me or the benefit accrued to me shall be summarily canceled. In case any misuse of the lecture is reported then, in that case, my log-in ID will be terminated. After that Aaditya Jain Classes LLP Head Office has full authority to take legal action against me. I will also be liable to compensate any loss claimed by Aaditya Jain Classes LLP Head Office.
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Runs On –

  • Laptop (Once you have installed the Pen Drive Setup your laptop, system cannot be changed due to any reason)


  • Windows – 8.1, 10 (Updated) | Ram – 4GB (Mandatory) | Processor – If (i3/i5/i7) Sharable Memory Above 500MB | Other – Graphic card 1GB (Mandatory)

Please Note

  • Once You Have Installed The Pen Drive Setup In The Laptop Only, The System Cannot Be Changed Due To Any Reason. if You Do So We Can’t Help You To Shift The Lectures In Another Laptop
  • Internet Connection Required At The Time Of Activating The Each Class

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About The Faculty

CA Aaditya Jain is well known amongst the students as Finance Guru, the stock market guru with the motto of Learn More Earn More.

Aaditya Jain Sir is considered the best faculty for CA Final Strategic Financial Management (SFM). His video classes are the best sfm classes for CA Final in India and are available for delivery in Pen Drive or Google Drive.

He is a qualified CA, MBA(FINANCE), NCFM, B.COM, M.COM, AWARDED AS NSE CERTIFIED MARKET PROFESSIONAL, MASTER OF FINANCIAL ANALYSIS. Currently teaching CA, CMA Final & CA, CMA Inter students in All Over India. Having vast experience of teaching CA, CMA Inter FM, CA, CMA Final SFM, CA Final Elective Paper 6A & 6B ( FSCM & RM ) faculty at New Delhi for last 15 years and also a visiting faculty of ICAI.

His classes are a perfect blend of Concepts and Practical knowledge.His classes are not only exam oriented but job oriented as well, as he helps the students to explore various career opportunities during the batch.

His results have been consistently the best all over the country.

He is the best Finance faculty















Batch Recording

Jan 2024

96 reviews for Video Lecture CA Inter Strategic Management Full Course New Scheme By CA Aaditya Jain Applicable for May / November 2024 Exam

  1. Amit Kumar

    CA inter ECO can not be teach better by other than Aaditya Jain sir.

  2. Karan Kumar

    Aaditya Jain sir is the best teacher for CA inter Eco.

  3. Abhinav Kashyap

    He enjoy teaching students and very much committed to his profession …Its very unorthodox way of teaching which make him different from other teachers . And the other thing that i liked the most was punctuality.

  4. Ganesh Kumar

    Maintains Complete clarity of all concepts. Excellent faculty. Complete discussion about subject during classes no entertainments. I just loved the subject.

  5. Rohit Kumar

    His classes are very satisfied and his practical approach is also making him very unique. His notes are very simple and very easy to understand at the time of exam revision. His Books cover everything and have a vast variety of questions.


    Best teacher for CA inter ECO.

  7. Mohan Kumar

    His classes and notes together are exactly what you need to prepare well. I’m not just suggesting his name for the sake of it, he is a brilliant teacher. And everyone who Sir has taught will say the same.

  8. Ravi Jain

    If you are thinking of faculty for FM&Eco,
    Then without any doubt you should go for Aaditya Jain Sir

  9. Shreyansh Dugar

    Aaditya Jain sir is the best teacher of FM Eco in India.

  10. Shubhi Prajapati

    For CA inter FM ECO, Aaditya Jain sir is the only best teacher.

  11. Rishi Samphat

    Superb teacher with in depth knowledge of ECO subject for CA/CMA inter
    Most recommended teacher in the industry of professional examination

  12. Tushar Malik

    Best teacher for CA Intermediate ECO
    His notes and way of teaching is really awesome..

  13. Reyan khan

    Aditya Jain sir is the best faculty for ca inter eco . I highly recommend everyone for this bcz his way of teaching style and conceptual calarity makes subject intersting and easy.

  14. Nandani Bhandari

    Aaditya Jain sir’s ECO class is amazing his material is too good which covers varieties of questions.

  15. Ishika Rai

    He provides the best practical-oriented classes which are very helpful for exam preparation. You only need his notes and then you don’t need to cover institute Study Materials. Aditya Jain Sir already covered all institute Materials in his books.

  16. Hari Prasad

    The way sir teaches ECO any student can score exemption in this paper.

  17. Pushpak Agarwal

    In my opinion, the best way of learning is by experiencing the subject itself. Aditya Jain sir is the best mentor for the SFM.

  18. Avnish Pandey

    If you are going to choose Aditya Jain Sir for SFM then you are going to experience the subject in the best possible manner.
    Trust me, no one in the world can do what he can do with SFM.

  19. Ganga Kumar

    I am blessed to learn SFM from Aaditya Jain Sir.

  20. Mohan Reddy

    Best CA coaching in India for ECO with great experienced , supportive & motivator Aaditya Jain sir….. Undoubtedly this is best place to achieve your dreams.

  21. Harash Falodia

    BEST faculty for SFM is Aaditya Jain Classes.

  22. Kriti Sharma

    You will only needs his notes to pass ECO….he will make sure that every students under his guidance pass with flying marks .

  23. Sujal Patak

    Aditya Jain sir is best teacher for ECO subject . highly recommended .

  24. Amit Mehta

    For FM ECO I don’t recommend you other tha Aaditya Jain sir.

  25. Dhiraj Kumar

    When it comes to the best teacher for the subjects, I won’t recommend you other than CA Aaditya Jain Sir.

  26. Sana Singh

    He is a very good teacher for Eco. And I love the way he teaches and as well as his practical approach towards the subject .

  27. Pintu Sharma

    The best teacher class for ECO is one and only Aaditya Jain sir. His google drive and pen drive classes are the best and even his many students have scored good marks in ECo and many have got AIR.

  28. Kinshuk Goenka

    For ECO Aaditya jain sir classes is best.He teaches in such detailed learning with giving pratical and theoretical aspects.

  29. Sunita Lamba

    His google drive and pen drive classes are the best and even his many students have scored good marks in ECo.

  30. Cheena Malik

    CA Aaditya Jain is one and only the best teacher for CA Inter ECO…He has his own way of teaching that will provide conceptual clarity and the real life examples make the class more interesting.

  31. Anurag Singh

    For performing good in exams, Teacher matter a lot under whose guidance you have prepared for exam. For CA Inter ECO I’d recommend you the best teacher it who is CA Aditya Jain sir.

  32. Kavish Sharma

    Aaditya Jain is an obvious choice for CA inter eco candidates looking to make a mark. I can personally vouch that no other teacher can match the depth & vast knowledge Sir imparts so freely.

  33. Hardik Singh

    Teaching style of CA Aditya Jain are very satisfied and his practical approach is also making him very unique. His class notes are very simple and very easy to understand.

  34. Tanushree Dutta

    The best part of Aditya Jain sir’s teaching is that he not only teaches exam oriented but also follow practical approach, which helps student to learn the concepts very easily. Because of you sir, i scored really good marks in fm & Eco.

  35. Darshan Jain

    If you are looking for the best teacher for CA Inter ECO I’d recommend you only CA Aaditya Jain sir.

  36. Om Trivedi

    CA Aditya Jain classes and notes together are exactly what you need to prepare well. I got amazing marks in my exams and all the credit for that goes to Sir.

  37. Aryan Rathi

    If You want to score high in ECO than there is only one teacher and the teacher is Aaditya sir I have taken class from sir and must say that sir is best for ECO

  38. Aswini Nahata

    Best teacher for ECO. Way of his teaching and practical examples he gives is excellent. Staff is also very helpful.

  39. Malti Sharma

    His way of teaching and clearing concept is mind- blowing. Aaditya Jain Sir’s is best for ECO.

  40. Tanuj jalan

    Teaching style of CA Aditya Jain are very satisfied and his practical approach is also making him very unique. His class notes are very simple and very easy to understand.

  41. Lolit Shah

    Aaditya Jain sir is fantastic, he gives a mind-blowing lecture.The quality of lectures taught by Aaditya sir are fantastic and I also want to appreciate the expert Aaditya Jain sir. He has explained every single topic in detail and very effectively.

  42. Shiv Prasad

    I listen the demo classes of ECO and he is explaining the concepts very clear.if we took Aaditya Jain sir class even exam paper was difficult we can handle the paper and can score good marks.

  43. Shanti priya deb

    The most recommended faculty for CMA inter FM ECO is CA Aaditya Jain Sir. The way he teaches is the most effective way of teaching and study material provides by sir is the best ever and easiest material to understand complex concepts very easily.

  44. Rukmini kashyap

    He gives practical example which are very helpful and easy to get any complex concept.
    We are very Thankful to you sir, Keep helping us by motivating through your videos to achieve our future goals

  45. Bela Dugar

    I would highly recommend Aaditya Jain sir to everyone for CA Inter ECO.

  46. Tarun Jain

    Aaditya Jain sir is a great teacher and motivator. his classes are interesting and clearly understanding all the concepts. He is clear all the doubts.

  47. Nandani Dugar

    Best faculty for ECO is Aaditya Jain sir He covers all concepts and makes you work out all the sums.

  48. Harsha jain

    For CA Inter ECO, One should go under the guidance of Aaditya Jain sir. He provides face-to-face as well as pendrive classes all over India. His pendrive classes are available for the old syllabus as well as the new syllabus. He teaches to the point with a practical approach.

    Moreover being a teacher he is also a motivation machine.

  49. Hetal Sharma

    Aditya Jain is the best choice for any level of CA.Sir provides the best guidance to all the students.He is the most reputed teacher for finance in our country. He focuses more on conceptual learning rather than rote learning. He makes learning fun and the fundamentals strong.

  50. Manjeet Singh

    Aaditya Jain sir is the best teacher among all faculties all over India. His practical approach is outstanding. He has a vast knowledge of ECO and the most experienced faculty.

  51. Parikshit Jain

    AJ sir’s classes are the best for ECO! Best teaching with impartation of in-depth practical knowledge. Technical support is also really good. I cherish my decision of choosing AJC for my ECO

  52. Sambhav Talukdar

    I came across aaditya jain sir on YouTube and read highly about him and he stands true to his reputation. He is the best faculty for ECO.

  53. Dhan thakur

    I take classes from Aaditya Jain classes. I have watched all the classes and still have clear pictures of the concepts taught by sir in class. He explains every concept in such a very easy manner.

  54. Karan todi

    Took ECO from Aaditya Jain Sir. The classes were great. Easy to revise before exam. Great conceptual clarity.

  55. Eva Dugar

    CA Aaditya Jain sir is the best teacher for CA Inter Eco. He teaches his students in a very effective manner. His teaching methodology is distinctive, and his ability to combine both theoretical and practical knowledge in a way that is easy to understand is a rare skill.He stresses on keywords a lot and it is best to study from his notes for last-minute revision.

  56. Bukul Sharma

    Aditya Jain sir is the best for CA inter ECO His classes are really worth it. His teaching approach is totally different from other faculties. He inspires his students for taking up finance as a career with making them aware with many finance courses and career opportunities.

  57. Nuva Rai

    Aaditya Jain sir is the best teacher of ECO in India. He explains the concepts in an elegant manner and the study material he provides is awe-inspiring. All of his courses are astounding. His team is also helpful and solves each and every query.

  58. Arvind Sharma

    Sir notes are very simple and very easy to understand at the time of exam revision. His Books cover everything and have a vast variety of questions.CA Aaditya Jain sir is the best teacher for CA Inter Eco.

  59. Nishi Singh

    Aaditya sir teaches to the point with a practical approach.He gives practical example which are very helpful and easy to get any complex concept.

  60. Naveen Shetty

    Best teacher for CA inter ECO

  61. Romi Bhalla

    Aaditya Jain Sir is best for ECO.His notes are very simple and very easy to understand at the time of exam revision.

  62. vaibhav tandon

    There are so many students have scored very good marks, But Aaditya Jain sir’s students score highest marks in every attempt.

    Study material provides by Aaditya Jain sir is the best student ever. It contains the easiest language with brief explanation which is very helpful for students and any student can score highest marks

  63. Falguni Shah

    Aaditya Jain sir is best Ca inter classes. His way of teaching is totally different from others he teaches with practical approach.

  64. Polami Bose

    Aaditya Jain Sir is the best. There is no doubt left in my mind after taking his classes, he is the most talented and knowledgeable teacher. He teaches with his full dedication.

  65. Aayu Patni

    CA Aaditya Jain sir always teaches from zero levels to upper-level that’s why average students are also able to understand all concepts very easily.His formula and theory books are very good and also very helpful for exam preparation.

  66. shrishti poddar

    Aditya Jain Sir is just an awesome faculty, frankly SM is a monotonous subject. But memory techniques and fun learning is what I got from sir. Also motivational lecture from sir is really motivational which helped me a lot and also in other subjects. THANK YOU SIR”.

  67. Sharmita Kaur

    I am very grateful to CA Aaditya Jain sir for their immense support and guidance. Because of their faith in me, I could clear my CA INTER SM doubts. It is our luck that Aaditya Jain sir who has a vast teaching experience of many years in CA. I have no words to thank them as they are truly amazing and it will be a great learning experience if you take their classes

  68. Rituraj Manjhi

    The classes were very exciting and useful for me. Overall, I am completely satisfied and had a great time. sir was very supportive everyone can learn from basic to complex in a very good manner

  69. Suhana Phukan

    Aaditya Jain Sir is actually really great at what he does. He explains every concept with clarity and depth, relating it to practical life yet confining it as per the exam. He introduced us to a many new career lines that we can go for..

  70. Mukti Kothari

    This interactive learning environment facilitated a deeper understanding of the topics at hand.Highly recommended for SM.

  71. Prasant Roy

    Very well teaching and the presentation of answers for exam. Completely exam oriented coaching. Time taken for completion of a batch is also very reasonable. Aaditya sir is accessible and very well approachable. Thanks a lot to sir

  72. Gairik Sipani

    My experience has been simply wonderful. The quality of The Coaching Institute coach-training program is outstanding, and the caring and commitment of their instructors is unmatched. Aditya Jain Sir have created a world-class training institute.

  73. Biju Iyer

    Aaditya Jain sir is the best teacher he explains every thing in details with logic.

  74. Biru Nath

    Aaditya Jain sir is doubtlessly a best teacher . He is the only highest experienced faculty in teaching Industry.

  75. Ramesh

    He has all smallest and biggest subject related points on his fingertip and he is the person who has all in one.


    Aaditya Jain sir will explain topics in a practical oriented way, I would suggest him for SM.

  77. Ruchi

    Country’s leading faculty for SM. Trusted by many !
    Aaditya sir always gives you comprehensive knowledge about the subjects.
    No one can beat his teaching techniques.

  78. Dheerendra

    Aditya Jain Sir’s Knowledge is boon for the aspirants. His representation of the syllabus is very different from others. I am very grateful to CA Aaditya Jain sir who makes my journey very easy. He has faith in every student. A big thanks to him for his style of teaching.

  79. Shouvik Dey

    I was personally very much satisfied with the classes. Can’t describe how nicely sir teaches.

  80. Swapnil Tiwari

    The best quality of Aaditya sir is that when he explains any concept he used to give real-life examples in the class. Because of that example, students easily grab the concept and understand it.

  81. Surekha

    Undoubtedly he is the best among all faculties all over India. SM is his area of expertise, no one can have that much knowledge and experience as Aaditya sir has.

  82. Jaydip Khandelwal

    He explains every concept with clarity and depth, relating it to practical life yet confining it as per the exam. There were a lot of things I learned from Sir apart from SM

  83. Amrita Jain

    If you’re still looking for a teacher and have your doubts, trust me, Aditya Jain sir is the best choice. All the best to everyone and hope you make the right decision for you.

  84. Kashish Sarda

    The best part is that the classes never feel stretched or boring. There is always some food for thought which propels us to dig more on a particular topic or concept. I am the kind of person that loves it when forced to push my limits & this is precisely why learning SM from him is pleasing,

  85. Laksh

    AAditya Jain Sir’s template of lectures is very much understandable, he might have designed his all subjects like the way even average students can clear his concepts, all their students understand the core concepts of the syllabus. I can say that, for CA Inter SM He is one of the best faculty in the country.

  86. Khaitan

    The passion with which they teach and impart knowledge is incomparable. The classes are never dull or tedious and they actually make one sit up and listen.
    Sir’s experience as a teacher is more advanced than the others and his unique way of teaching makes learning comprehensible for everyone.

  87. Kamini

    One of the best benefits of taking a class from Aaditya sir is that he gives practical knowledge which is very helpful in the professional world. We get to know everything apart from booking knowledge. Aaditya Sir is super, he is actually really great at what he does. He explains every concept with clarity and depth, relating it to practical life yet confining it as per the exam.

  88. Tanu

    He is the most knowledgeable teacher of finance. Every concept of FM is on the fingerprints of Aaditya sir. He is very humble and doesn’t have any type of arrogance even after being the best teacher in India.
    I have been able to understand all the concepts very easily. One must choose Aaditya Jain sir for brighter guidance.

  89. Gaurang

    Aaditya Jain Sir is best. I was highly satisfied with his teaching technique and practical approach towards learning. It is almost impossible for someone to forget what he has taught, the whole thing just fits into your system. He knows what to teach first, what after that and so on. He is always focused on concepts

  90. Bandita Singh

    Aditya Jain sir is the one who make SM very simple with his teaching.If any one has taken his class than only they can understand how good he is in teaching.

  91. Nishi

    Aaditya Jain sir classes are totally practical oriented and his class notes are really very helpful for revision at the time of exam in a very short time very easy to understand the concepts.

  92. Dimpy Singh

    If you want to study with Conceptual Clarity than CA Aaditya Jain sir is the way to go for CA Inter SM.

  93. Jaydeep

    He is knowledgeable and experienced person. He concludes the class with a revision of the concepts covered. He covers the topic systematically until everyone understands it without dragging it. He is also a source of motivation for students.

  94. Eklavya Taneja

    Aaditya Jain Sir is Best for must take Aaditya Sir Classes.His way of teaching is awesome he teaches with practical approach which is important for clearing concept. His class notes are too interesting. There is no need to refer to any other notes and book.

  95. Kuldeep Huda

    Sir provides students with comprehensive practice material, including a wide range of questions and case studies. This abundance of practice resources allows students to reinforce their learning and develop a high level of proficiency in applying theoretical knowledge.Must join AJC for SM.

  96. Tamali Nandy

    His manner of teaching is wonderful, because of which I have started finding FM to be an interesting subject

    Apart from this his study material is amazing. Her online lectures are very well planned which makes one cover a lot in every lecture

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