Taxmann Combo CA Inter Students Guide to Income Tax including GST Textbook and Problems & Solutions for Set of 2 Books By Monica Singhania Vinod K Singhania Applicable for Applicable for Sep 24 & Jan 25 Exam

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Students Guide To Income Tax Including GST

Students Guide To Income Tax Including GST – Problems & Solutions

Taxmann’s flagship publications on Income Tax & GST, authored by Dr Vinod K. Singhania and Dr Monica Singhania, are designed for students preparing for professional examinations. The comprehensive guides, updated to June 15, 2024, cover theoretical and practical aspects through step-by-step explanations, illustrations, solved problems, and extensive unsolved exercises. The books adopt a student-friendly approach, providing detailed solutions, practical exercises, and guided problem-solving techniques.

Available on 15th July 2024

Taxmann Combo CA Inter Income Tax including GST Problems and Solutions

Taxmann Combo CA Inter Income Tax including GST Problems and Solutions


This Combo consists of Taxmann’s flagship publication for Students on Income Tax & GST Law(s). This Combo offers a complete and thorough approach to understanding Income-tax and GST through both theoretical understanding and practical problem-solving.

It is authored by Dr Vinod K. Singhania & Dr Monica Singhania. The contents of the book are amended & updated as per the below pointers:

  • Practical income-tax problems are solved as per the law applicable for the assessment year 2024-25
  • GST problems are solved as per law amended up to 15th June 2024

This Combo provides an authentic, up-to-date, and amended textbook on Income Tax & GST for students of CA Intermediate (Sept. 2024/Jan. 2025), CS Executive (Dec. 2024), CMA (Dec. 2024), B.Com., M.Com., MBA and other professional examinations.

The key features of this Combo are as follows:

Students’ Guide to Income Tax, including GST

  • [Student-Friendly Approach] The book adopts a ‘teach yourself’ technique, enhancing the learning process with a clear, step-by-step explanation of legal provisions
  • [Illustrative Problems] Each chapter includes analytical discussions supported by original problems, fostering a deeper understanding of complex provisions
  • [Practical Exercises] To build confidence in solving practical questions, solved problems are followed by unsolved exercises with answers provided in the appendix
    • For Solutions to the unsolved exercises, students may refer to the 29th Edition of Taxmann’s Students’ Guide to Income Tax including GST Problems & Solutions
  • [Professional Exam Focus] Sections marked with a ➠ symbol cater specifically to professional exam aspirants while also being beneficial for high-achieving university students
  • Follows the Six-Sigma Approach to achieve the benchmark of ‘Zero-Error

Students’ Guide to Income Tax including GST | Problems & Solutions

  • [Illustrations and Solved Problems] Detailed solutions to contemporary tax problems, many of which are unique and have not appeared in examination papers or other publications
  • [Unsolved Exercises] Based on readers’ queries over the years, these exercises challenge students to apply their knowledge and hone their problem-solving skills
  • [Guided Problem-Solving Approach] Structured guidance to help students understand the methodology behind solving tax-related problems
  • The structure of the book is as follows:
    • Section One – Provisions in Brief
      • Provides a concise overview of relevant income-tax laws and GST provisions
      • Serves as a quick reference guide to refresh and update students’ knowledge
    • Section Two – Solved Problems
      • Presents detailed solutions to typical contemporary tax issues
      • Focuses on new problems that have not been seen in examination papers or other publications
      • It helps illustrate practical applications of the law, making it easier for students to understand complex concepts
    • Section Three – Solutions to Similar Unsolved Exercises
      • Offers solutions to problems similar to those found in the Students’ Guide to Income-Tax
      • Encourages students to attempt unsolved exercises independently, using the provided solutions as a model to understand the correct approach
      • It aims to instill confidence in students by providing a working model of problem-solving

About the author

Monica Singhania

Dr. Monica Singhania is an Associate Professor at, Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi. She is a post-graduate from the Delhi School of Economics and a Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. She has the distinction of being placed in the merit list of the examinations conducted by both the university and the Institute.

She has been awarded Ph.D. in the area of corporate taxation from the University of Delhi. She is the author of 7+ books on direct tax laws and several research papers published in leading journals.

Vinod K. Singhania

Dr. Vinod K. Singhania got his Ph.D. from the Delhi School of Economics in 1976. His field of special interest includes all facets of corporate legislation and corporate economics, especially tax laws.

Associated in different capacities with several professional institutes and business houses in India and abroad, Dr. Singhania has also authored many popular books and software published by Taxmann.

He has to his credit more than 300 research articles that have appeared in leading journals. He has been a resource person in over 800 seminars in India and abroad.

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