Taxmann Stock Market Wisdom By T.S. Anantharaman Edition December 2020

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Taxmann Stock Market Wisdom By T.S. Anantharaman December 2020

Taxmann Stock Market Wisdom By T.S. Anantharaman December 2020


Excerpts from the Preface:

  1. How do you make a small fortune in the stock market?
  2. Start with a large one.

A prime example of the Indian stock market?s potential is Infosys. If you subscribed to 100 shares of Infosys at its 1993 IPO at a price of INR 95 per share, you would own 1,02,400 shares of the company today. At an average price of INR 700 per? share, that investment would now be worth over INR 7 Crores!


Taxmann?s Stock Market Wisdom highlights the great potential of the stock market while guiding investors to invest wisely and how to avoid its pitfalls. It is an attempt to assist investors to understand the following:

  • How the market system operates?
  • ??How one should invest money in it?
  • How one can generate wealth through it over the long term.

The author has also explained how the markets have evolved, what their present stage is, where they?re headed, and, of course, how you can benefit, with the help of multiple case studies.

  • Featuring the following case-studies:
  • o???India?s Top 25 Years Return Chart
  • o???World stock exchange performance
  • o???The Roller Coaster Journey of the SENSEX from 100 to 41,000
  • o???Amazing story of Reliance Industries ? The first Indian company to enter the 10 Trillion Market Cap Club
  • o???Avenue Supermarts Ltd. ? The company that defies gravity

Reviewed by Motilal Oswal (Managing Director) | Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd.

?For any new investor who is starting his journey in stock markets, or even an old investor who has not been yet able to decode investment success for himself, this is a fine book to start or restart the journey, as the case may be.?

?The basics of investing and trading have been explained in a very lucid and simple manner and the complete spectrum of investing has been covered from history of the stock markets, the working of the stock markets, the basic of fundamental analysis, basics of technical analysis, concepts dividends, bonus, splits, buy backs, etc.?

?Most importantly, a large part of this book is about behaviour analysis and how it impacts the investor returns in this fascinating journey of stock market investing.?


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