Taxmann Online Gaming Industry A Practical Guide to Business and Taxation in India By Sujatha G, Vishal G. Poddar, Rajeev K. Sharma, Praveen Sharma, Neha Tayal, Rahul R. Gandhi, Satish Sukumar Chippalakatti, Deepak Kothari Edition May 2024

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This book is a comprehensive guide to the online gaming industry in India. It analyses its evolution, legal framework, and taxation issues in-depth. It analyses diverse business models like free-to-play, subscription services, and in-game advertising, examining their challenges and opportunities. This book discusses GST compliance, judicial interpretations, and international comparisons, providing strategic recommendations for stakeholders.

Taxmann Online Gaming Industry By Sujatha G Edition 2024

Taxmann Online Gaming Industry By Sujatha G Edition 2024

This book provides an in-depth analysis of the online gaming industry in India, focusing on the following:

  • Evolution
  • Legal Framework
  • Taxation Issues

It discusses various business models, such as free-to-play, subscription services, and in-game advertising, highlighting their unique challenges and opportunities.

Each chapter invites readers—from legal and accounting professionals to business strategists and curious students—to gain a holistic understanding of the complexities of online gaming in India.

The Present Publication is the Latest Edition and amended up to 1st May 2024. This book is authored by CA. Sujatha G, CA. Vishal Govindprasad Poddar, CA. Rajeev K. Sharma, CA. Praveen Sharma, CA. Neha Tayal, CA. Rahul R. Gandhi, CA. Deepak Kothari, CA. Satish Sukumar Chippalakatti. The noteworthy features of the book are as follows:

  • [Introduction to Online Gaming] The book begins with an in-depth analysis of the online gaming industry, emphasising its dynamic intersection of technology, entertainment, and business. It discusses the historical development, various business models, and the significant growth of the global gaming industry, facilitated by technological advancements and widespread internet access
  • [Business Models in Online Gaming] This book analyses business strategies within the online gaming sector, such as free-to-play models with microtransactions, subscription services, and in-game advertising. Each model’s unique challenges and opportunities for developers, publishers, and players are discussed.
  • [Legal Aspects in India] The book examines the complex legal framework surrounding online gaming in India, focusing on debates and judicial interpretations concerning games of skill versus chance and the broader legal issues impacting the industry
  • [Taxation Framework] A thorough analysis of taxation related to online gaming under GST and Income Tax is provided. The book covers GST compliance, input tax credits, cross-border transactions, and income tax issues like revenue recognition and deductions
  • [Global Perspective and Strategic Recommendations] The book discusses global policies on online gaming, comparing international jurisdictions and proposing strategic recommendations for policymakers, industry stakeholders, and regulators

The contents of the book are as follows:

  • Overview of Online Gaming Industry
  • Laws Governing Online Gaming
  • Accounting Aspect of Online Gaming
  • Taxation in Online Gaming
  • Key Judicial Pronouncements
  • Global Policies in Online Gaming
  • Way Forward in Online Gaming

About the author

Sujatha G

Sujatha G, based in Bengaluru, is a seasoned Chartered Accountant with over fifteen years of expertise in taxation and consulting. She is the founder and director of Coral Metrix, a firm known for its profound impact in the field. Sujatha has contributed numerous articles on taxation and the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act (RERA), highlighting her depth of knowledge in these areas.

She holds the prestigious position of President for the Karnataka State Chartered Accountants Association (KSCAA) for 2023-24. She is recognised for her eloquent speaking skills and is a regular speaker at various professional forums and study circles. Additionally, she is an empanelled GST Trainer with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). Sujatha has also co-authored a book on RERA, further cementing her reputation as an expert in her field.

Vishal G. Poddar

CA Vishal G. Poddar, who qualified as a Chartered Accountant at age 21, brings over twenty years of experience in the field, specialising in indirect tax litigation for over fifteen years. He is a partner at S.S. Mutha & Company and is an advisor to Ashva Legal LLP. Vishal is also an empanelled GST trainer with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI).

Known for his expertise in indirect taxes, Vishal is a regular contributor to columns and articles on this topic in various association journals and newspapers. His contributions include work on ICAI’s Background Material on GST and the FAQ on GST.

Additionally, Vishal has co-authored several books on GST, making significant contributions to the literature in this domain. His extensive experience and deep knowledge make him a respected voice and educator in taxation.

Rajeev K. Sharma

Rajeev K. Sharma, based in Ludhiana, is a Chartered Accountant with a specialised focus on indirect taxes. He is the Secretary of Ludhiana’s Indirect Taxes Consultants Association and is an empanelled GST Trainer for the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI).

Rajeev’s extensive involvement in professional associations includes roles such as a Member of the Indirect Tax Committee of the Northern India Regional Council (NIRC) of ICAI, Vice President of the District Taxation Bar Association in Ludhiana, and Vice Chairman of the Ludhiana Branch of NIRC of ICAI. He has authored ‘Law and Practice of Punjab VAT,’ an authoritative text.

A regular contributor to the ICAI Journal and Taxmann, Rajeev is also a sought-after speaker on indirect taxes. He has been a Special Invitee to the Research Committee of the NIRC of ICAI, where he has provided valuable insights into the complexities of tax law. His expertise and dedication have made him a respected figure in taxation.

Praveen Sharma

Praveen Sharma is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, renowned for his deep expertise in taxation. As an empanelled GST Trainer with ICAI, he plays a pivotal role in educating professionals on the complexities of GST.

Praveen has actively contributed to various online platforms, enhancing the understanding of taxation issues through his articles. He is also a prominent speaker and has delivered numerous lectures and presented papers at seminars organised by professional bodies, sharing his knowledge and insights with the broader financial and business communities. His contributions in the field of taxation are widely recognised and appreciated.

Neha Tayal

CA Neha Tayal is a skilled Chartered Accountant with over a decade of experience specialising in taxation, book-keeping, and import & export transactions. Her industry expertise spans multiple sectors, including manufacturing, hospitality, travel and tourism, healthcare, real estate, and emerging fields like Fin-Tech and gaming startups.

Neha is recognised for her comprehensive understanding of financial operations. She is an empanelled GST Trainer with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), where she contributes significantly to professional training and development in GST and other tax-related matters. Her diverse experience makes her a valuable asset to businesses navigating the complexities of financial management and compliance in various industries.

Rahul R. Gandhi

CA Rahul R. Gandhi is a distinguished Chartered Accountant who excelled in his studies by completing all groups of the CA exam on his first attempt. He is currently practising as a Chartered Accountant and has co-founded the JINVANI Trust, which focuses on community development and education.

Rahul is the author of the motivational book ‘TRUTH FOR YOUTH,’ aimed at inspiring young individuals to achieve personal and professional success. He is deeply committed to the education of future professionals. He has conducted numerous sessions for aspiring CA students and other professionals, sharing his knowledge and experience to guide and motivate them. His active involvement in mentoring and his contributions to the field exemplify his dedication to fostering growth and development in others.

Satish Sukumar Chippalakatti

Satish Sukumar Chippalakatti is a seasoned chartered accountant and a fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), who has been practising since 2002 in Bengaluru. With extensive experience in management consulting and accounting, Satish has worked across various industries, providing tailored financial strategies and solutions.

He is highly regarded for his ability to engage with trade bodies and has conducted numerous workshops to enhance industry understanding of financial practices and challenges. Satish’s expertise covers technical accounting and strategic financial management, making him a valued advisor in the business community.

Deepak Kothari

Deepak Kothari, based in Bengaluru, is a distinguishedFellow Chartered Accountant and a practising Company Secretary. His expertise extends to being an empanelled GST Trainer with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) and serving on the Board of Studies for the GST subject.

Deepak has significantly contributed to the academic and professional community by presenting papers at various study circles and professional bodies. He is also a respected faculty member at CFO Next Academy, where he provides specialised training on the ACCA Taxation paper. His involvement in training and education showcases his dedication to advancing the knowledge and practice of taxation and finance.

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