Bharat Sampath Iyengar Law of Income Tax (Volume-5) By Sampath Iyengar Edition 2022

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Bharat Sampath Iyengar Law of Income Tax By Sampath Iyengar

Bharat Sampath Iyengar Law of Income Tax By Sampath Iyengar

Sampath Iyengar’s Law of Income Tax has maintained its reputation as a commentary, exhaustive and encyclopaedic in its sweep, and as a veritable warehouse of all the available information on the subject, besides carrying critical and in-depth comments. It is the most authentic referencer, which has stood the test of time during the last eight decades and has retained its pristine glory. This set provides not only the necessary access to all the relevant information, but also the expertise and the experience of the authors, present and past. Conflicting views are highlighted. Precedents are not merely listed, but their rationale analysed. This book has always been different in not being content with mere listing of cases, but by providing enough material to tackle any problem that may arise. No wonder it is being referred and cited as an authority at all levels of judicial interpretation – Income-tax Department, ITAT, High Courts, Supreme Court and even Authority for Advance Rulings.

While India celebrates its 75 years of Independence, Sampath Iyengar has helped the professionals, tax administrators and the judiciary for the last over 80 years in finding solutions to their tax issues. No effort is spared in the present edition to maintain the reputation, which this book has gained in the field of income-tax law for the past eight decades and more.

This locus classicus has enjoyed the privilege of patronage from the profession of chartered accountants, tax practitioners, consultants, advisors, advocates, corporate executives, tax administrators and the judiciary.

About the Author

A C Sampath Iyengar and Revised by H. Padamchand Khincha and Chythanya K.K. :


H. Padamchand Khincha is a partner in H.C. Khincha & Co and H.C. Khincha & Associates, Bangalore. With over 30 years of experience in corporate and international tax regime, he has spearheaded the income-tax consultancy and litigation practice. He advises multinational companies, Indian companies as well as high networth individuals on various tax matters including tax structuring, due diligence, transfer pricing and compliance aspects. He has represented large corporates in some of the high-profile cases before various Income-tax Tribunals across India and has been associated with several landmark decisions too.

Padamchand Khincha is a prolific writer on various topics on income-tax. He has authored the book “Emerging Issues in International Taxation”. He has co-authored “Mystiques of MLI brought alive”; “Permanent Establishment – Emerging trends”, “Decoding section 5”, “Tax Holiday U/s. 10A and 10B – An analysis”; “Tax Treaties of India – A compilation”; “Capital gains of Non¬residents”; “Tax deduction at source”; “Concept of Indexation under capital gains”. He has contributed to various articles and papers published by The Chamber of Tax Consultants, ITRAF, BCAS. He has authored and co-authored articles across various tax magazines including the Taxman, Bombay Chartered Accountants Journal, ITR, etc. He has delivered more than 500 lectures across the nation on several income-tax issues.

He has been actively engaged in several initiatives undertaken by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). He was appointed the group leader for preparing the approach paper on the Guidance Note on Transfer Pricing. He was instrumental in making a critical analysis of the Direct Tax Code as a member of the team constituted by ICAI on the request of CBDT. He was a member of Committee of ICAI involved in preparing the technical background paper on Income Computation and Disclosure Standards. He deposed as an expert before (a) high powered committee on E-commerce constituted by the Central Board of Direct Taxes in India; (b) Rangachary Committee set up to “Review Taxation of Development Centres and the IT Sector”; and (c) A P Shah Committee constituted by the Government of India to examine the matters relating to MAT on FII/FPI(s). He was a country reporter for India for IFA Rio de Janeiro Congress 2017 on ‘Assessing BEPS -Origin, Standards, Responses’. He is on the editorial board constituted for International Tax Journal published by the Chamber of Tax Consultants.

His teaching stints in the past include guest lectures at IIM, Bangalore; intensive coaching classes of ICAI; faculty at the Direct Taxes Training Institute of the Income Tax Department.
Padamchand Khincha is a Commerce graduate from the University of Bangalore securing 5th Rank at the University level. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1982 by securing the 25th rank

Chythanya K.K., B.Com., FCA, LL.B. has throughout been a rank holder – Eighth rank in II PUC Commerce in Karnataka; First rank in B.Com. from Mysore University; Forty- seventh rank in CA Inter and Fifteenth rank in CA Final (topping Karnataka State). He practiced as a chartered accountant for 14 years specialising in taxation matters followed by as an advocate for 17 years in various High Courts and Supreme Court. He was designated as a Senior Advocate by the Karnataka High Court in December, 2021. Chythanya is a good orator. He has lectured at IIM, ICAI and DTC of Income tax department and various other forums. He has presented papers on income tax and VAT/GST at various Metros and other cities at forums of ICAI, BCAS, CTC – Mumbai, IFA, Society of Auditors, AIFTP, BCIC, etc. He was a Member of the Study Group of ICAI for framing Guidance Note on Transfer Pricing. Chythanya has co-authored and authored several books, such as, Tax Holiday under Sections 10A & 10B; Decoding Section 5; Mystiques of MU Brought Alive, besides contributing articles in ITR, ‘Chartered Accountant’, BCAJ, Taxman, CTR, and other journals. He has deposed before Committee on Direct Tax Matters headed by Honible Justice A.P. Shah on the levy of MAT on FIIs. He was the country reporter for India for IFA Seoul Congress 2018 on ‘withholding tax

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