Taxmann GST on Works Contract & Real Estate Transactions By V S Datey Edition April 2024

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This book analyses the intricacies of taxability under the GST framework for works contracts and real estate transactions. It spans twenty chapters, detailing aspects like the GST implications on real estate sales, services by housing societies, and nuances of residential and commercial real estate services. It covers key topics such as Reverse Charge Mechanisms, Input Tax Credit provisions, and Valuation Methodologies, each meticulously broken down into background information, definitions, effective GST rates, and special exemptions.

Taxmann GST on Works Contract & Real Estate Transactions V S Datey

Taxmann GST on Works Contract & Real Estate Transactions V S Datey


This book discusses the complexities of taxability concerning works contracts and real estate transactions under the GST regime. Spread over twenty detailed chapters, the book provides an exhaustive analysis starting from:

  • Transactions relating to real estate covering the GST implications on the sale of developed plots
  • Services by housing societies
  • Intricacies of real estate services for both residential and commercial apartments

It addresses specific scenarios for various types of real estate projects, such as:

  • Reverse Charge Mechanisms
  • Input Tax Credit Provision
  • Valuation Methodologies

Each topic is systematically broken down in the following manner:

  • Detailed Sections on Background Information
  • Definitions
  • GST Rates Effective from April 2019
  • Special Cases, such as exemptions and concessions for services related to government projects

This book is intended for tax professionals, legal experts, and business owners in the construction and real estate sectors. It offers an understanding of managing GST compliance and maximizing fiscal efficiencies through strategic GST planning.

The Present Publication is the 9th Edition | 2024 and has been amended upto 25th March 2024. This book is authored by V.S. Datey and covers the following:

Basics of GST

  • Background and Key Concepts
  • Introduction to the Goods and Services Tax (GST), including its background, broad definitions, and rates
  • Details on the GST Compensation Cess, the concept of ‘deemed sale’, and the taxation powers of district councils
  • Explanation of the Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) and frameworks for inter-state transactions like IGST and UTGST
  • Descriptions of the Central GST Act (CGST) and State GST Act (SGST)

Taxable Event in GST

  • Definition and understanding of what constitutes a taxable event under GST
  • Discussion on what qualifies as ‘supply’ under the GST law, including scenarios where no consideration is involved
  • Differentiations between goods and services in various business contexts and exemptions
  • Explanation of tax liabilities in cases of mixed and composite supplies

Classification of Goods and Services

  • Overview of the need for classification and the use of the Harmonized System of Nomenclature (HSN)
  • Discussion on classification conflicts and general interpretative rules (GIR) in tariff classification

Valuation of Taxable Supply

  • Methods to determine the transaction value for goods and services, including considerations of subsidies, discounts, and related-person transactions
  • Details on various valuation methods, including cost-based and margin schemes

Input Tax Credit (ITC)

  • Explanation of the core provisions of ITC and the conditions under which it can be availed
  • Specific guidelines on blocked credits and circumstances where ITC cannot be claimed

ITC in Mixed Supply Contexts

  • Details on apportioning ITC when used for both business and non-business purposes
  • Special provisions for banks and financial institutions regarding ITC

ITC – Other Issues

  • Various considerations around ITC for capital goods and changes in business structure like mergers or sales

Input Service Distributor (ISD)

  • Functions of an Input Service Distributor and procedures for the distribution of credit
  • Requirements for ISD tax invoices and monthly returns

Place of Supply Rules

  • Importance and determination of the place of supply for goods and services affecting GST liabilities
  • Specific rules for different types of services, including immovable property-related services, event-based services, and transport services

Time of Supply

  • Rules determining the time of supply, which dictates when GST becomes payable
  • Various scenarios and their implications on the timing of GST liability

Reverse Charge Mechanism

  • Explanation of the reverse charge mechanism where the recipient is liable to pay GST
  • Details on specific cases and procedural aspects under the reverse charge

GST Procedures

  • Comprehensive details on GST administration, registration requirements, and compliance procedures
  • Information on tax payments, electronic ledgers, and returns, including specific forms and their relevance

E-way Bill for Transport of Goods

  • Background and procedures for the generation of e-way bills required for the transportation of goods
  • Regulatory provisions and penalties associated with e-way bills

Miscellaneous Issues in GST

  • Discussion on anti-profiteering measures, tax deduction at source (GST TDS), and advance ruling mechanisms

Taxability of Works Contracts and Real Estate Transactions

  • Coverage of GST on various real estate-related transactions
  • Specifics on the taxability of sales of developed plots and the inclusion of development costs
  • Discussion on the act of refraining from or tolerating certain acts under GST
  • Examination of services provided by housing societies or resident welfare associations

Real Estate Services for Residential and Commercial Apartments

  • Background and definitions relevant to real estate services
  • A detailed explanation of GST rates effective from April 1, 2019, for different types of real estate projects
  • Insights on the valuation for GST purposes when land value is included in the total amount charged
  • Overview of reverse charge mechanisms for input and services and provisions for ongoing projects regarding input tax credits
  • Detailed discussion on the apportionment of input tax credit and contracts for constructing affordable residential apartments
  • Valuation issues and the impact of joint development agreements on real estate services

TDR/FSI and Long-Term Lease Real Estate Transactions

  • Tax implications on real estate transactions excluding the sale of land or completed buildings
  • Transfer of development rights and implications for GST
  • Specific conditions and exemptions related to transferable development rights (TDR), Floor Space Index (FSI), and upfront amounts for long-term leases
  • Valuation challenges and summary of liabilities in transactions involving TDRs or FSIs

Leasing and Renting of Real Estate

  • Clarification that leasing or renting of land and buildings constitutes a ‘supply of services’
  • Specifics on renting immovable property and services supplied jointly by co-owners
  • Exemptions and reverse charge scenarios in the context of services supplied by governmental bodies in relation to renting of immovable property

Construction and Works Contract Services

  • Taxation details on construction activities and works contract services
  • Rate of tax for works contract as a composite supply and distinctions between construction services and works contract services
  • Information on exemptions, concessions, and the tax implications for subcontractors in the context of services supplied to or by the government

Government Related Activities

  • Overview of public administration services and services provided by the government that are exempt from GST
  • Details on concessional rates and reverse charge mechanisms for services provided by or to governmental entities, excluding specific departments like railways and post

About the Author

Mr Datey brings a wealth of experience from over two and a half decades in the corporate sector, having held senior positions such as Company Secretary and General Manager (Finance) at prominent listed companies, including Kirloskar Tractors and Taparia Tools, from 1966 to 1993.

In 1993, Mr. Datey transitioned to writing and became a distinguished author in indirect taxes and corporate laws. His publications, all of which are published by Taxmann, cover a range of pertinent topics in these areas.

His works are essential reading material for professional courses, including CA, CS, and ICMA, and serve as valuable resources for professionals in the field and regulatory staff.

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