Taxmann International Taxation Digest Edition 2019

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A Comprehensive Digest of Judgments of Supreme Courts/High Courts/ITAT/AAR on Law relating to Tax Treaties & International Taxation

Taxmann International Taxation Digest Edition 2019

Taxmann International Taxation Digest Edition 2019


A Comprehensive Digest of decisions of Supreme Court,High Courts, ITAT and AAR on Tax Treaties and International Taxation covering period from 1961 to 2018
  • Digests have been arranged as per Articles of OECD Model Convention.
  • Subject Index will help you to quickly find the relevant case law on any subject.
  • Facts and Ratio Decidendi have been presented separately and conspicuously.
  • Cases have been arranged logically with due prominence given to leading cases under each subject.
  • Concise and precise note on top of every digest provides glimpse of ratio laid down.
  • Synopsis under each subject gives the minutest possible details.
  • Changes, in law, properly indicated as footnotes.
  • Subject Index, consisting of one word index as well as an index in details is so comprehensive that one can swiftly trace out particular case.


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