Bharat GST ITC Draft Replies & Internal Controls By Nitin Sharma, Pooja Garg & Pranjal Arora Edition 2024

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GST ITC Draft Replies & Internal Controls By Nitin Sharm

GST ITC Draft Replies & Internal Controls By Nitin Sharm

About Book:

Navigating the complexities of GST ITC notices and drafting their replies can be daunting to say the least. Looking for appropriate submissions, case laws supporting the submissions and relevant submissions can be a dithering task for any taxpayer. In order to address this, we have come up with the second edition of our GST ITC Book – Draft replies to ITC Notices. This book will serve as a comprehensive guide, offering draft replies and insights to assist taxpayers in effectively addressing GST ITC notices.

The object of this book is to serve as a tool to GST Professionals or persons aspiring to specialise in handling GST litigation. The book would equip the readers with the knowhow & the art relating to drafting replies. Undoubtedly it will help to understand, what is drafting, how one should draft replies to notices and design Grounds of Appeal, its principles and Do’s & Don’ts while drafting a reply or an appeal in GST proceedings. An attempt is made to highlight key areas of Input Tax Credit and tools & processes have been suggested to facilitate better internal control. By providing the replies in a detailed manner, the book also attempts to act as a guide in interpreting the GST Law vis a vis Input Tax Credit and at the same time augmenting one’s skill in handling GST litigation.

Input Tax Credit (ITC) being a vital component of GST will always attract a lot of GST litigation in case of violations of conditions attached thereto or on account of bonafide mistakes relating to its availment or reporting in GST Returns. We contemplate a new era of GST litigation majorly on ITC front. This book is designed to address major areas where notices could be issued. The book encompasses real life scenarios faced by the Industry on the relevant issue. The various allegations raised by the department & other authorities in various proceedings under the GST Law on the subject related to Input Tax Credit have been converted into 44 distinct issues that could arise. We have drafted replies considering each of the issues separately as being a distinct subject matter.


Chapter 1       Introduction

Chapter 2       Blueprint of Drafting

Chapter 3       ITC Related Notices and Draft Replies

Chapter 4       Digest of Important Judgments

Chapter 5       Control Chart — Eligible/Ineligible with Reversal and Blocked ITC

Chapter 6       Internal Control and Reconciliations

Chapter 7       FAQ on New Format of GSTR 3B

Chapter 8       Accounting Entries and ITC Documentations

Chapter 9       Relevant CGST Act, Rules and Circulars on ITC

About Authors:

Nitin Sharma :Nitin Sharma has a Master’s in Commerce and Bachelor’s in Law, is a full-time practicing Advocate in the field of GST with experience of 19 years in Manufacturing Industries with detailed exposure to Sales Tax, VAT, Excise, Service Tax, Export-Import and Income Tax. Presently, he is a Managing Partner in a Law Firm V & C Law Associates situated at Sikri, Faridabad rendering Consultancy and legal services to Businesses from the very first stage of Incorporation to setting up of internal control and System in order to boost growth for Organizations. He is also engaged as an associate Advocate with:—

  • M/s N.K. Sharma & Associates, having branches in Delhi and Faridabad with experience of more than 25 years in the field of Indirect Tax.
  • M/s P.S. Sethi & Co., Roorkee, Uttrakhand (Special Auditor – SGST Uttrakhand)
  • Edukating – a well-known name for providing skill-based Training and courses in the area of Direct and Indirect Tax, Finance and Accounts.

Pooja Garg :CA. Pooja Garg is a qualified Chartered Accountant with more than 18 years of professional experience and a 1st Gen entrepreneur. She is also the Co- Founder of Edukating. She has diverse experience in F&A and providing training to Students, Corporations, and Professionals. She is also a founder of an Ed Startup that provides Skill-Based Training in F&A, Taxation, and related subjects.

She possesses diversified knowledge gained through various courses like Concurrent Audit of Banks and Valuations by ICAI, and the GST Practitioner Course by the Government of India. She also advises early-stage startups through her consulting firm. She participated in the 14th Cohort of Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB), and holds a certification.

Pranjal Arora :Pranjal is a B.Com (Hons.) Graduate from the University of Delhi and, she is also pursuing LL.B. Currently, she is in the Professional Level of the Company Secretary Course. She worked in the Business development field for almost three years and subsequently shifted to Finance and Taxation and has been working in the same for two years now. She has also contributed to the first edition of the GST ITC Book – Draft replies and Internal Controls. She handles GST returns of the clients along with catering to their queries. She is also actively involved in article writing and drafting replies to the notices, orders, letters, and summons received from the Department including the filing of appeals.

About Publisher:Bharat is a ‘trade-name’ for a group of concerns, popularly known as Bharat Law House and Bharat Law House Pvt. Ltd. Bharat is one of the most reputed publishers of law books with an experience of over six decades. It possess a very diverse range of publications covering not only the area of taxation – direct and indirect – but also company law, insolvency capital market, finance, industrial law, foreign exchange, commercial, civil and criminal laws. The students publications for CA, CS, CMA, CFA, MBA, graduate and post-graduate studies have carved out a niche for themselves. The Publication House has a professionally qualified team with strong in-house capabilities. Their strength lies in the patronage of legal luminaries in every field. They strive for accuracy, authenticity and sincerity.

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