Taxmann GST Input Tax Credit By V S Datey Edition April 2024

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This book analyses the complexities of the GST ITC. It makes the reader understand the critical aspects of GST ITC, such as claiming, reversing, and refunding ITC, handling ITC for exports and differentiating between exempted and taxable supplies. The book provides detailed insights into the eligibility, documentation, and compliance required for effective ITC management.

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Taxmann GST Input Tax Credit By V S Datey Edition 2024

Taxmann GST Input Tax Credit By V S Datey Edition 2024


This book is a comprehensive guide on the Goods and Services Tax (GST), specifically focusing on the Input Tax Credit (ITC). It covers critical aspects of ITC, including:

  • Availment of ITC – Detailed guidelines on how to properly claim ITC
  • Reversal of ITC – Circumstances and cases under which ITC must be reversed
  • Refund of ITC – Processes and conditions for obtaining ITC refunds
  • Export Issues Relating to ITC – Handling ITC for exports, highlighting procedural details and legal considerations
  • Treatment of ITC for Exempted and Taxable Supplies – Explains the impact of ITC when dealing with both exempted and taxable supplies

Additionally, the book analyses the eligibility criteria, necessary documentation, and timelines for claiming ITC. It elaborates on the procedural nuances that influence the utilisation of ITC, making it helpful for accountants, tax professionals, and business owners aiming to optimise tax liabilities and ensure compliance within their operations.

The Present Publication is the 14th Edition and has been amended upto 4th April 2024.

This book is authored by V.S. Datey and covers the following:

Introduction to GST and Overview of Tax Structure

  • Introduction to the Goods and Services Tax (GST) as a significant tax reform aimed at enhancing the ease of doing business and creating a single national market in India.
  • A detailed explanation of the dual GST model, which includes Central GST (CGST) for revenues to the central government, State GST (SGST) for revenues to state governments for intra-state transactions, and Integrated GST (IGST) for inter-state transactions, facilitating a seamless credit chain and nationwide tax credits.
  • Comprehensive Guide to GST Input Tax Credit (ITC)
  • Definition and Fundamental Principles of ITC
  • A detailed definition of Input Tax Credit allows businesses to deduct the amount of GST paid on purchases from their gross GST liability on sales, effectively avoiding the cascading effect of taxes
  • Eligibility Criteria for Availing ITC
  • In-depth discussion of the eligibility criteria required for availing ITC, including mandatory possession of a tax invoice or debit note issued by a registered supplier, actual receipt of goods and services, tax payment to the government by the supplier, and submission of GST returns
  • Documentation and Compliance for ITC
  • Exploration of the essential documentation required for claiming ITC, such as GST-compliant invoices, bills of entry, and other specified documents. Discussion on compliance measures necessary to maintain eligibility for ITC
  • Conditions and Restrictions on ITC Utilization
  • Analysis of specific conditions under which ITC can be utilised, including restrictions based on the type of goods and services used in business operations. Explanation of scenarios where ITC is not available, such as goods and services used for personal use or those exempted under GST
  • ITC Reconciliation and Audit Processes
  • Detailed process of ITC reconciliation which businesses must regularly perform to match ITC claims with the tax credits available in the GST portal. Discussion on the importance of audits in identifying discrepancies and ensuring compliance
  • Operational Impact of ITC on Business Finances
  • Cash Flow Improvement Through Effective ITC Management
  • Discussion on how effective management of ITC can lead to significant improvements in business cash flows by reducing the outflow of cash for tax payments
  • Pricing Strategy Adjustments Leveraging ITC
  • Analysis of how businesses can adjust their pricing strategies based on the effective cost reduction achieved through ITC, potentially lowering prices or improving margins
  • Challenges in Managing ITC
  • Common Compliance Challenges
  • Exploration of common challenges businesses face in managing ITC, such as maintaining accurate records, ensuring timely receipt of goods and services, and dealing with supplier compliance issues
  • ITC Fraud Prevention and Control
  • Examination of potential fraud scenarios in ITC claims and the mechanisms put in place by authorities to detect and prevent such issues, ensuring a fair and transparent tax system
  • Legal Framework and Case Studies
  • Recent Legal Amendments and Their Impact on ITC
  • Overview of recent legislative changes affecting ITC, including amendments to GST laws and rules that impact the way ITC is claimed and utilised
  • Judicial Precedents Influencing ITC Policies
  • Discussion of key court cases and judicial decisions that have influenced the interpretation and application of ITC rules, helping to resolve ambiguities and set precedents for handling complex ITC issues
  • Case Studies Demonstrating ITC in Action
  • Inclusion of real-world case studies from various sectors showing the application of ITC and how businesses navigate challenges and leverage ITC for tax planning and financial efficiency

About the author

Mr Datey brings a wealth of experience from over two and a half decades in the corporate sector, having held senior positions such as Company Secretary and General Manager (Finance) at prominent listed companies, including Kirloskar Tractors and Taparia Tools, from 1966 to 1993.

In 1993, Mr. Datey transitioned to writing and became a distinguished author in indirect taxes and corporate laws. His publications, all of which are published by Taxmann, cover a range of pertinent topics in these areas.

His works are essential reading material for professional courses, including CA, CS, and ICMA, and serve as valuable resources for professionals in the field and regulatory staff.

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