Bharat Emerging Issues under Subsidiary IPRs By Sankalp Jain Edition March 2024

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Emerging Issues under Subsidiary IPRs By Sankalp Jain

Emerging Issues under Subsidiary IPRs By Sankalp Jain


As we navigate through this era of unprecedented growth and transformation, the spectrum of intellectual property has expanded to embrace novel manifestations such as moral rights, performers’ rights, broadcasters’ rights, domain names, trade dress, and geographical indications, among others. These evolving categories of IPRs, which we may colloquially term as subsidiary IPRs, now stand in tandem with the foundational elements of intellectual property, marking a pivotal shift in the domain’s paradigm. The impetus behind the conception of this book was to forge a comprehensive resource that caters to the burgeoning needs of lawyers, law students, academicians, and researchers engaged in the domain of intellectual property law.

Recognising the complexity and the nuanced nature of subsidiary IPRs, this work endeavours to demystify these concepts, offering clarity and insight through a meticulously curated pointer format. In crafting this text, meticulous attention has been devoted to arranging the content in a systematic and coherent manner, ensuring that readers can seamlessly traverse through the nuances of subsidiary intellectual property rights.

Moreover, this volume is complemented by an appendix that houses a compilation of relevant legislative provisions from various intellectual property legislations and other Acts. This addition is designed to serve as a quick reference guide, aiding readers in contextualising the legal framework that underpins the discourse on intellectual property rights.

It Covers: 

  • Copyright Act
  • Domain Names
  • Trade Dress
  • Geographical Indications
  • Plant Variety
  • Traditional Knowledge
  • Trade Secrets
About Author:

Sankalp Jain :Sankalp Jain is a distinguished legal professional with a decade-long journey in the intricate realms of law. A proud alumnus of Amity Law School, Amity University, Noida, he further honed his legal acumen with a post-graduate degree (LL.M) in Intellectual Property Rights & Corporate Laws from the prestigious Indian Law Institute, New Delhi. Enrolled with the Bar Council of Delhi since 2011, Jain has carved a niche for himself within the legal community. His professional odyssey includes pivotal roles such as a law researcher at the Delhi High Court (2013-2014) and law associate at eminent law firms including Alaya Legal (2014 to 2016) and DSK Legal (2016-2017), culminating in his current position at Lex Indis Law Offices, New Delhi, since 2019.

Sankalp’s legal practice is deeply rooted in civil litigation, with a prolific presence in the Delhi High Court, other State High Courts, and various district courts and tribunals across Delhi and NCR. His expertise spans a broad spectrum of legal areas, notably in information technology and data protection laws, intellectual property laws, competition law, and sports law. Jain’s passion for law is matched by his scholarly contributions; he has authored numerous articles and papers that have garnered recognition and publication on platforms like Additionally, his commitment to continuous learning is evidenced by his completion of several diploma and certificate courses across various legal disciplines. Beyond the courtroom and scholarly pursuits, Sankalp Jain is an avid long-distance runner, with remarkable achievements in national events that have earned him spots in various record books. His multidimensional persona — blending legal prowess, academic contributions, and athletic endeavours — renders him a compelling voice in the legal domain, offering invaluable insights and inspiration to both practitioners and scholars alike.

About Publisher:Bharat is a ‘trade-name’ for a group of concerns, popularly known as Bharat Law House and Bharat Law House Pvt. Ltd. Bharat is one of the most reputed publishers of law books with an experience of over six decades. It possess a very diverse range of publications covering not only the area of taxation – direct and indirect – but also company law, insolvency capital market, finance, industrial law, foreign exchange, commercial, civil and criminal laws. The students publications for CA, CS, CMA, CFA, MBA, graduate and post-graduate studies have carved out a niche for themselves. The Publication House has a professionally qualified team with strong in-house capabilities. Their strength lies in the patronage of legal luminaries in every field. They strive for accuracy, authenticity and sincerity.

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