CS Executive Company Law Chart Book By CA CS Ashish Gupta Applicable for December 2024 Exam

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CS Executive Company Law Charts Booklet New By CA Ashish Gupta

CS Executive Company Law Charts Booklet New By CA Ashish Gupta

SL.NO Chapter Name Chart Chapter no. & Page
PART – I (60 Marks) – Company Law, Principles & Concepts
1 Introduction to Company Law Covered in Chapter 1 – Page no. 01
(Sec 1 to 22) – Basics, Types of
companies, MOA, AOA, & MCA 21

2 Legal Status and Types of Registered Companies
3 Memorandum and Articles of Association and its Alteration
4 Shares and Share Capital Covered in Chapter 2 – page 46
Page no. (Sec 43 to 70) + (Sec 88 to

5 Members and Shareholders
6 Debt Instruments & Deposits Chapter 3 – Page no. 85
7 Charges Chapter 4 – Page no. 101
8 Distribution of Profits Chapter 5 – Page no. 109
9 Accounts and Auditors Chapter 6 – Page no. 119
10 Compromise, Arrangement and Amalgamations – (Sec 230 to 245) Chapter 7 – Page no. 172
11 Dormant Company
12 Inspection, Inquiry and Investigation Chapter 8 – Page no. 193
PART – II (40 Marks) – Company Administration and Meetings
13 General Meetings – Section (96 to 122) Chapter 9 – Page no. 212
14 Board Constitution and its Powers, Directors & Meetings of Board and its Committees – Sections (149 to 193) Chapter 10 – Page no.245
15 Board Composition and Powers of the Board
16 Meetings of Board and its Committees
17 Corporate Social Responsibility Covered in Chapter 6
18 Annual Report Covered in Chapter 2
19 Key Managerial Personnel (KMP’s) and their Remuneration Chapter 11 – Page no. 295

About the Author

After Clearing up Professional’s and becoming a Company Secretary in 2010, Mr. Ashish Gupta qualified CA Finals Exam in 2012.Thus he is an honourable member of ICSI & ICAI. Further his utmost goal became to guide the upcoming students & help them qualify the exams with vast & advance knowledge. Therefore he comes up here with a teaching experience of twelfth year , enlightening law with an unique approach through modified & diagrammatic representation on Charts. These charts cover up the vast descriptive exhaustive syllabus in precise & wholly concept based form. Mr. Ashish Gupta is having teaching experience of 6 years in the very renowned “FAST Institute (Indore)”.
CS Ashish Gupta possess in-depth knowledge & rich working experience in varied law subjects. He teaches to students of all stages of Provisional governance and teaches law to IPCC & Final students of ICAI . He is been a distinguished speaker on the platforms of ICAI & ICSI & he is been attending all the conferences held there under. Students devour his teaching skills. He is a very devoted , gracious , inspiring , guiding, supportive, motivating. Compelling guideline & right hand for students. In the event of any doubt one can call or message him via any source and he is there to light up your mind with his resourceful elementary knowledge. His students have been passing out with flying colours till date & so many more to shine & outbring his name in the upcoming examinations.