Commercial CMA Inter Corporate Accounting & Auditing (Syllabus 2022) By Sanjay K Welkins Applicable for June 2024 Exam

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CMA Inter Corporate Accounting & Auditing By Sanjay K Welkins June 2024 Exam

CMA Inter Corporate Accounting & Auditing By Sanjay K Welkins June 2024 Exam

Commercial CMA Inter Corporate Accounting & Auditing (Syllabus 2022) By Sanjay K Welkins Applicable for June 2024 Exam and Onwards


Chapter – 1 Accounting for Share Capital.

Chapter – 2 Issue of Bonus Shares & Rights Issue Section 63 of Companies Act 2013.

Chapter – 3 Accounting for – Redemption of Preference Share Capital

Chapter – 4 Buy back of securities & equity shares

Chapter – 5 Underwriting of Shares and Debenture

Chapter – 6 Preparation of Financial Statements.

Chapter – 7 Accounts of Banking Companies..

Chapter – 8 Financial Statement of insurance Companies

Chapter – 9 Life Insurance

Chapter – 10 Accounts of Electricity Companies – As per Revised Act – 2003.

Chapter – 11 Cash Flow Statements AS – 3 Revised..

Chapter – 12 Accounting For :- Issue & Redemption of Debenture..

Part – 2.1 Audit.

Chapter – 1.1 Nature, Scope, Objectives and Significance of Auditing

Chapter – 1.2 Brief Introduction to Auditing Standards

Chapter – 1.3 ‘Audit Engagement, Audit Program, Audit Documentations, Audit Evidence,

Audit Note Book.

Chapter 1.4 Audit Program

Chapter 1.5 Audit Documentation / Audit Working Papers

Chapter 1.6 Audit Evidence .

Chapter 1.7 Meaning of Audit Notebook ..

Chapter 1.8 Audit Risk.

Chapter 1.9 Internal Check, Internal Control, Internal Audit – Industry Specific..


Internal Control..


Internal Audit..

Chapter 1.10 Risk Based Internal Audit.

Chapter 1.11 Internal Financial Control

Chapter 1.12 Internal Financial Control over Financial Reporting (IFC-FR) ….

Chapter 1.13 Audit Sampling………

Chapter 1.14 Audit Techniques….

Chapter 1.15 Analytical Procedures …

Chapter 1.16 Application of Technology in Audit..

Chapter 1.17 Audit Trail…..

Unit 2 – Provisions Relating to Audit under Companies Act, 2013

Chapter 2.1 Statutory Audit

Chapter 2.2 Auditor’s Eligibility, Qualifications, Resignation, Rotation, Remuneration, Disqualifications, Appointment, Removal, Rights and Duties, Liabilities

Chapter 2.3 Branch Audit

Chapter 2.4 Joint Audit

Chapter 2.5 Role of Audit Committee

Chapter 2.6 Cost Audit

Chapter 2.7 Secretarial Audit

Chapter 2.8 Audit of Various Items of Financial Statements

Chapter 2.9

Audit Report, Report Vs. Certificate, Reporting Requirements Under Companies Act, Contents of the Reports and Modifications In The Report

Chapter 2.10 Report on Internal Financial Control over Financial Reporting

Chapter 2.11 NFRA Structure

Unit – 3 Audit of Different Types of Undertakings

Chapter 3.1 Audit of Educational Institutions

Chapter 3.2 Audit of Healthcare Organisations

Chapter 3.3 Audit of Organisations in Hospitality Sector

Chapter 3.4 Audit of Banks

Chapter 3.5 Auditing – Audit of Co-Operative Societies

Chapter 3.6 Audit of Local Self-Government.


About the Author

Prof. Sanjay Welkins is one of the most Distinguished and Acclaimed faculty, in the country, for Financial Reporting, IFRS, Ind AS and AS. Penetrative and polished Studies complemented with in-depth well researched study material have become immensely popular among the final level students as evidenced by staggering rush for his Books, Courses and sterling successes.

Sanjay Welkins is a noted author and has penned several bestselling books on Accounts and Financial Reporting – has also served as an Academic Guide, and as Consultant in reputed academic organisations – possess rich experience of more than 27 years – and his area of expertise are Indian Accounting Standards, Financial Reporting .. and Accounting Standards.

Prof. Sanjay Welkins has taught several thousand students over his career -achieving tremendous results with supremely high success rate.

He believes his breathtaking presentations, language proficiency and in-depth concept clarity that has earned him the trust levels of the student fraternity and perhaps made him the most sought after and preferred faculty.

In light of his illustrious career as a professor, Sanjay Welkins sir has been invited by several banks and other financial institutes as a guest speaker and to conduct workshops. Prof. Welkins is currently helping CA, CMA aspirants clear their exams and realise their dream careers



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