CA Inter Corporate & Other Laws New Scheme Coloured Book (Set of 2 Volumes) By CA Anushree Agarwal Applicable for September 2024 Exam


CA Inter Corporate & Other Laws By Anushree Agrawal Sep 2024

CA Inter Corporate & Other Laws By Anushree Agrawal Sep 2024

Numerous mind-engaging examples have been incorporated in the book in the form of illustrations, so that even if you’re an advocate of self-study, you will be able to understand every concept, no matter how complicated, on your own. Secondly, this book is prepared in a coloured format, where concepts are explained in points and through flowcharts. This aids memory retention because the human brain finds it easier to remember points and flowcharts instead of paras and paras. So with this unique combo of illustrations, coloured format and crisp points and charts, this book helps you make learning both fun and effective.

Also, instead of putting the questions at the end of each chapter, all relevant questions have been complied after each concept, so that every concept you take on gets covered from all 360 degrees!

Key features: 

  • The material (fully coloured) is split into 2 parts, PART A – Corporate Law and PART B – Other Law. 
  • It’s 480 pages of solid content, 100% coverage of ICAI material, following the ICAI language, covering all SM qns, Past exam qns RTP MTP qns (since 2018), case study booklet, everything!!!! For chapters taken from CA Final (foreign companies, FEMA), relevant CA Final exam qns also have been incorporated. 
  • It’s your absolute one-stop solution for law, in the real true sense and you don’t have to refer anything else.
  • Language used in the book resembles the language followed in ICAI’s study material so that you don’t miss on the keywords to be used in the examination.
  • Crisp and clear explanation of every concept in points/ flowcharts/ diagrams, with illustrated examples. Effective for self-study as well.
  • Simple to read, fun to learn from, and easy to recall.

About the author

Anu Shree Agrawal is a Chartered Accountant and a Company Secretary. She has been a rank holder (AIR 14, 5, 4) in all three levels of the Company Secretary course. After working for a brief period in PWC’s Direct Tax team, she began teaching Law and Income Tax to CA students in Chennai. Now, it’s been 8+ years since she started teaching CA students and is associated with academies across Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. With several exemption scorers and rankholders, results of her students speak for themselves. Her students have always found her class notes very easy to study from and many have relied on just them to excel in their exams. Those class notes have been improvised to be made into this book.

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