Bharat Law & Procedure of National Company Law Tribunal including NCLAT By R.P.Garg Edition November 2020

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Bharat National Company Law Tribunal including NCLAT By R.P.Garg

Bharat National Company Law Tribunal including NCLAT By R.P.Garg


Chapter 1???????Administration of Company Law

Chapter 2???????Birth of Tribunal

Chapter 3???????Constitution and Constituents

Chapter 4???????Domain and Powers of NCLT

Chapter 5???????Procedure of NCLT

Chapter 6???????Orders of Tribunal

Chapter 7???????Transition and Transfer of Jurisdiction

Chapter 8 ??????Remedying Fraudulent Incorporation

Chapter 9???????Variation in Shareholders Rights

Chapter 10?????Redemption of Preference Shares

Chapter 11?????Appeal on Refusal of Transfer and Transmission of Securities

Chapter 12?????Appeal on Rectification of Members Register

Chapter 13?????Alteration of Share Capital by Consolidation and Division

Chapter 14?????Capital Increase by Conversion of Debenture

Chapter 15?????Reduction of Capital

Chapter 16?????Imposing Restriction on Further Liabilities on Debenture Redemption

Chapter 17?????Timely Repayment of Deposits

Chapter 18?????General Meetings and Inspection of Minutes Book

Chapter 19?????Removal and Change of Auditors

Chapter 20?????Reopening Revision of Accounts and Directors Report

Chapter 21?????Compromise and Arrangements

Chapter 22?????Mergers and Amalgamation

Chapter 23?????Prejudices and Oppressive Actions

Chapter 24?????Winding Up of Companies

Chapter 25?????Appeal Against Orders Striking Name of Company

Chapter 26?????Producer Company

Chapter 27?????Other Powers and Diverted Jurisdiction

Chapter 28?????Compounding Offences

Chapter 29?????Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code

Chapter 30?????NCLT and Limited Liability Partnership

Chapter 31?????Evolution of Appellate Tribunal

Chapter 32?????Constitution of NCLAT and Constituents

Chapter 33?????Jurisdiction and Powers of NCLAT

Chapter 34?????Appeal to and Order by NCLAT

Chapter 35?????Procedure of NCLAT

Chapter 36?????Judicial Discipline and Tribunal

Chapter 37?????Rules of Interpretations

Chapter 38?????Mediation and Conciliation

Chapter 39?????Key to Practice

Chapter 40?????2020 Amendment to Companies Act

Chapter 41?????Principles?of Natural Justice

Appendix 1????National Company Law Tribunal Rules, 2016

Appendix 2????National Company Law Appellate Tribunal Rules, 2016

Appendix 3????National Company Law Tribunal (Procedure for Reduction of Share Capital of Company) Rules, 2016

Appendix 4????Companies (Transfer of Pending Proceedings) Rules, 2016


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