Bharat Commercial Contracts [With FREE Download] By R. Kumar Edition March 2024

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Bharat Commercial Contracts By R. Kumar Edition 2024

Bharat Commercial Contracts By R. Kumar Edition 2024


The goal of writing of this book is to assist the lawyers, legal counsel and managers in drafting and structuring commercial agreements. Counsels are advised to structure their agreements based on drafts, but it is also important to create drafts afresh using the forms and structure provided in the text. Have you have ever been in a situation where you had to agree to terms with suppliers, customers or collaboration and you have not had a budget to get legal advice, and you had to get the contract done quickly, efficiently and top of your day job of getting the best price, service or solution, you will be familiar with this scenario. I have had many clients that having found themselves in this position, have tried to do the best they could, of course, drafting contract is not their day job so they are not able to recognise the subtleties of the English language or appreciate the risk in saying certain things in one way rather than another.

For example, what happens if the other party does not pay, what happens if you want to exit a contract early, what happens if the other party terminates early and you had priced the goods/services based on certain quantities. Did you say this in the agreement? Who owns the intellectual property rights in products/services you have created/ performed? Can you or the other party re-use the same materials for another business arrangement? Have your sales people tried a little too hard with the risk of exposing your company to a possible misrepresentation claim? All the above represents the reasons why this book i.e. Commercial Contracts has been launched.

This book is addressed to business owners and managers, which specifically focuses on the needs of business people dealing with the contract. It is a best, effective and clear way for non-legal specialist to obtain the skills and confidence to understand the deal effectively with commercial contracts. This book will help in documenting those without formal legal training, who have to deal with legal documents, specifically commercial contracts, understand better what they are looking at. Benefits which one can derive out of this book are as under:—

  • Improved contracting skills and know how.
  • Save legal costs, by working more efficiently with lawyers, cutting the time your lawyer needs to spend.
  • Minimise negotiation deadlocks.
  • Ensure the contract meets your needs.
  • Effectively manage business risks.
  • Draft clear and unambiguous contract, which will help achieve corporate objectives.
  • Get transactions moved along faster, to get more business done.
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