How to prepare for CS Executive Company law?

Company Law is indeed the base as well as bread and butter for a Company Secretary Professionals. It’s your core subject, and you need to master it.

Executive Company Law forms a base for four topics of Professional. To create peace with it and believe me, it is a wonderful subject, and you’ll fall in love with it.

This CS Executive Company Law paper intends to provide specialist expertise of the provisions of Company Law through mounting knowledge of the law of businesses and to give thorough information of diverse provisions of Company Law to the students at the Executive Program level. At the executive level, students are counseled to be thorough with the legal components of Company Law with the base understanding.

In this paper, the Companies Act 2013 distinctive provisions and the regulations made there are covered. For making ready this paper in depth and know-how of ideas, definitions, ceiling limits for numerous functions, truthful concept on e-forms to be filed with various authorities for distinct activities, powers of the Board and the shareholders, violation info and different numerous provisions of the Companies Act and guidelines made thereunder is an important advice.

At an executive stage, you are not required to remember sections and form numbers. Please do not waste some time memorizing them. (Sections are vital in Tax because it is an MCQ paper)

How to remember sections in law?

Your interpretation skills must be robust. If it is not, preserve reading, you may recognize it slowly. Do now not surrender. Once you recognize the provisions, the difficulty is smooth. The ICSI Module is self-explanatory. The sections as well as provisions are explained in layman’s language and presented systematically. If you have an interest, read the bare act. You can also refer to the company law book offered by CS Tushar Pahade, which is the best book for company law for law students.

Refer Proper Notes, Books, and Lectures: Decide one book from which you will take a look at and stick to it till the end. Always keep a pencil in hand while studying and use it! Underline or highlight the crux of the availability, write meanings or examples, write the stairs of any system inside the margin in quick, and so forth. This enables short revision one night time before examination.

Do not exchange reference books three months earlier than the examination. The syllabus is huge. You get baffled if you see a brand new book while your mind is bursting with examination strain.

Refer to old question papers and write at least one answer a day, which will improve your writing skills. Writing practice is a must for theory papers.

Presentation of answers in the exam: 

Direct questions: Give a short introduction to the topic. Write the applicable provision or concept asked for. Conclude. If it’s a real/false query, in no way begin the solution announcing ‘It is actual or false.’ First, explain the concept, and in the last line, mention genuine or fake.

Case legal guidelines: Maximum questions are Case legal guidelines. Begin the answer with, “The given question relates to the provisions of CA, 2013, referring to _____.” Explain the provision of regulation without relating to the question. The second paragraph must incorporate pure law. The third paragraph follows the legal provisions to a given query and concludes the case. There is only one mark for a conclusion. So even in the case you do not know the solution, at least write the provision. You may get 3/5.

All answers should be to the point: Marks are deducted for writing much less and writing extra irrelevant crap. Please try to write at least 95 marks of paper. 10–15 marks are constantly deducted. You may goof up 10–20 marks. Out of 95, you may end up scoring 55–60, which is fairly sufficient.

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