Webtel WEB-e-TAX Software for FY 2022-23

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Webtel WEB-e-TAX Software for FY 2022-23

Webtel WEB-e-TAX Software for FY 2022-23

File ITR securely, accurately, and quickly

  • Desktop-based ITR filing software with 100% data security with real-time monitoring
  • ITR upload and e-verification by seamless redirection of information to e-filing website

ITR calculation made simple

  • Computation of Income Tax, MAT, MATC etc.
  • Calculation of Total Income, Tax Payable, & Interest u/s 234A, 234B, & 234C, Late Filing Fees u/s 234F, and Deductions
  • Calculators of HRA, NSC, Rebate u/s 89 etc.
  • Calculation of Advance Tax and Self-Assessment Tax

Import/Export/Report Utility

  • Import ITR XML prepared from other softwares
  • Import of masters from other softwares XML files
  • Direct import of Form 26AS data in software
  • Bulk upload and e-filing of Income Tax Returns
  • Reports of returns filed, returns pending, list/ details of assesses etc.
  • Billing module for professionals
  • Efficient & effective document management systems

Work Smarter & Faster with Power-Packed Facilities

  • Download ITR-V from software
  • No duplication of efforts
  • DIT dashboard for online activities of ITD
  • Auto flow of information from Form 3CD > Other information (OI)  Schedule BP (ITR)
  • Revised Returns/ Online Rectification u/s 154
  • Convenient online tax payment / physical challan generation
  • Annexures for detailed working/ remarks/ notes for own use
  • Backup & restoration of data
  • Auto mapping of Income from one head to another head

Easy e-Filing and Bulk Upload Utility

  • Webtel’s income tax return filing software, Web-e-Tax, facilitates the e-filing of Income Tax Returns and bulk upload, that makes the ITR filing process simpler for all the taxpayers out there.

User Friendly, Accurate & Secure

  • Web-e-TAX is a desktop-based solution with easy-to-use interfaces to prepare error free returns. 100% guaranteed safety, data security, with real-time monitoring.

Expert’s Assistance

  • End-to-end assistance from Webtel experts in e-Filing Income Tax Returns smoothly and on-time.


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