Video Lectures CA Final Financial Reporting Full Course New Scheme By CA Parveen Sharma Applicable for May 24, Nov 24, Exam

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Video Lectures CA Final Financial Reporting By CA Parveen Sharma

Video Lectures CA Final Financial Reporting By CA Parveen Sharma

CA Final Financial Reporting (FR) Online and Pendrive Classes Full Course by CA Parveen Sharma for May 24 and Nov 24 Students in 350-360 Hours, 6/9 months validity and 1.5/2 times view. Google Drive, Mobile App, Pendrive Video Lectures available. Main book Volume 1 to 4, Text of Ind AS Volume 1 & 2 and Hand written notes will be provided.

Kit Contents

Lecture Duration

– 350-360 Hrs – 120 Lectures
– 75 lectures on CA Final Financial Reporting are Live & 45 classes recorded
– 45 CA Final FR Classes sequence is available on LMS Portal but 75 live classes sequence will be discussed on Live batches


  • Live  -12 months from the date of activation (Validity for Live @Home BACKUP Classes can’t be extended)
  • Mobile App – 24 (730 days) months from the date of activation
  • GD / PD – 6 / 9 (270 days) months from the date of activation


  • Live / Mobile App – 2 times on duration every lecture (2X i.e. Classes can be viewed two times the duration of a total class duration of the course. Any class can be viewed any number of times within the watch time limit)
  • GD / PD – 1.5 times on duration every lecture with Unlimited clicks

Live Classes Topics

  • Financial Instruments (IND AS 115, 116, 102, 101, 33 & 36)


  • LMS Access URL:- (LMS Validity is 365 Days with Unlimited Views (can be viewed at any time along with classes students can access Class Notes, Summary Video, Summary Notes, Test Papers, etc))
  • There are 2 LMS – LMS Resources & LMS for classes
  • For MCQ Preparation MCQ based tests are available & subjective tests are also available


  • For May 24 – 28 Feb 2024
  • For Nov 24 – 31st Aug 2024
  • For May 25 – 28th Feb 2025


Runs on – Laptop / Desktop / Android Mobile / Apple Mobile / MacBook

Requirements –

  • Laptop – Original Windows 10.11 with 32 or 64 Bit Windows 8, Windows 7, XP, Vista, Starter, 7Basic, 7N Edition, 7KN edition, and Pirated Windows are not supported. You are advised not to view classes on an office laptop since it may conflict with our security features.
  • Mobile – Android version 7 or higher, with minimum 3GB RAM and 32GB internal Memory

Android App – Download Here

iOS APP – Download Here

Internet Requirements

  • Need a stable WIFI Internet with a minimum speed of 10Mbps for streaming Live classes or viewing Recorded Online Classes

Simultaneous device log In – Not Allowed

Change of Device – Allowed but multiple logins is not allowed

External Device – Not Allowed

Browser –

  • Microsoft Edge for Windows devices, Safari for MacBook, Android App, and iOS App. it is possible that windows Laptop or desktop does not support our class’s security. In that case, you will have to use alternative devices. Still if in any case all your devices are not supported, we may shift you to Offline classes through Download(Google Drive). Google drive classes are to be downloaded on your LAPTOP only and can be viewed through a utility that will be provided to you online.


What is the meaning of the Watch time limit? it means how many hours you can watch our video content in LMS including classes. For example, a watch time of 2X means if the total video content in a course is of 100 hours, you can watch 200 hours of video content.
What is the validity period of the Ca Final Financial Reporting course? The validity period is the maximum allowed period of the course and related LMS. After the expiry of the validity period the login of the courses will be disabled.
Can I get an extension of Validity of course and if yes, charges for the same and maximum period allowed? The validity can be extended based on prior requests on a chargeable basis @ Rs 1000 per month of the extended period. maximum of 3 months extension allowed
What is offline Viewing? Under Offline viewing, the students will be able to view the classes in our Android Apps. The students need to download classes on our through the Internet. All the downloaded classes can be viewed on smartphones only.
What is Downloaded through Google drive or google drive classes? classes are downloaded from a link and played on a utility called Student – Content Software link here…
what is the name of the software where downloaded classes can be viewed? All your downloaded CA Final FR classes can be viewed on smartphones only except the Google drive downloaded class which can be viewed on a laptop only
If I consider live classes how watch time is calculated? Live class time is counted as watched time
If I don’t view live classes how watch time is calculated? You can view recorded classes 2X
Can I increase watch time? NO
What is LMS? LMS stands for Learner Management System where all the recorded lectures of live classes can be viewed at any time along with classes students can access Class Book  Class Notes, Summary Video, Summary Notes, Test Papers, etc
What material can i get on LMS? Class Book  Class Notes, Summary Video, Summary Notes, Test Papers, etc
how can i know more about LMS? You can access all the CA Final FR class material related to the course on a simple click. for more details, You can refer to our operation booklet sent as part of study kit
Where can I view Live and Recorded classes ? You can view all the Live/Recorded CA Final FR classes at our website through your user credential.
What are various type of tests? Unit Test(Chapter Test), MCQ, Subjective Full Length Test i.e. Mock Test
How can i give test to prepare for CA Final Financial Reporting? You are required to attempt the test paper assuming your home is the examination centre. Complete the test paper within stipulated time and after completion simply click the image of the test paper and upload it on our website
How are test checked? The test will be checked by Faculty/Independent Experienced Examiners
Can I attempt full mock exams while preparing for CA Final Financial Reporting? YES
do I need to subscribe to any test series to prepare for CA final financial reporting? We do not recommend to subscribe any Test Series
Can I purchase another set of books? You may purchase the recommended books on CA Final Financial Reporting by the faculty on our website.

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About the author

CA Parveen Sharma is a first-class commerce graduate from Delhi University, has done his graduation from Sri Venkateswara College. He qualified for his Chartered Accountancy Course and was a rank holder in the Intermediate and Finals. He topped the Delhi University by scoring 100% in Accountancy. Parveen Sharma completed his post-graduation in Indian Accounting Standards and US GAAP in July 2007. He has been honored with the title of God of Accountancy by his students.









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