Video Lecture CS Executive Company Law New Syllabus By CS Anoop Jain Applicable for June / December 2021 Exam

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Video Lecture CS Inter Company Law New Syllabus By Anoop Jain

Video Lecture CS Inter Company Law New Syllabus By Anoop Jain


CS Executive Company Law New Syllabus Full Course Video Lectures By CS Anoop Jain in 235 hours. These Lectures are beneficial for June 21, attempts. Study Material will be provided with the course.

System requirement

Lecture can be played on Laptop , Desktop & Android .Any system above pentium 4 on laptop and desktop. Any Android phone.

Topics Covered

Part ? I Company Law, Principles & Concepts

  1. Basics of company
  2. E-governance
  3. Membership
  4. Register and returns
  5. Share Capital Part-A (Basics)
  6. Share Capital Part ? B (Prospectus)
  7. Share Capital Part ? C (issue of shares)
  8. Share Capital Part ? D (allotment of share)
  9. Share capital part-E (share certificates)
  10. Share capital part-F (call, forfeiture , surrender and reduction of share)
  11. Share capital part-G (Transfer and Transmission of shares)
  12. Share capital?part -H?(buy back of shares)
  13. Accounts of company
  14. Auditors of company
  15. Charges and mortgages
  16. Producer company
  17. Debentures
  18. Deposits
  19. Dividend
  20. Inter-corporate loan and investment
  21. Global development
  22. Majority powers and minority rights
  23. Winding-up of companies
  24. Overview of corporate reorganisation
  25. Registered valuer
  26. Transparency and disclosures
  27. Mediation and conciliation
  28. Drafting under companies act 2013
  29. Miscellaneous provisions under companies act 2013

Part ? II Company Administration and Meetings

  1. General meeting
  2. Basics of Directors
  3. Appointment of directors
  4. Board meetings
  5. Virtual meetings
  6. Loan to directors and related party transactions
  7. KMP appointment and their remuneration

Part ? III Company Secretary as A Profession

  1. Company secretary, secretarial audit and standards
  2. Legal framework governing company secretaries
  3. Mega Firms
  4. Case studies

About the Author

CS Anoop jain (The Corporate Law Wizard) is a renowned name in the field of CS Education. He has been here in the industry since 7+ years now and in a very short span of time he managed to put a dent and made a mark for himself in the CS teaching industry. He is undoubtedly the the best teacher for CS executive and professional. It?s his teaching style that made him the India?s most loved and preferred teacher for CS students. The grip he has on his students are beyond commendable. Like there is a saying that, ?it doesn?t matter how many years you?ve spent in the industry, what matters is how much you can offer to year.? This saying suits him as a teacher. CS Anoop Jain maintains proper interactions with students and certainly take all necessary steps if and when students asks for it. What he imparts, is not just knowledge on how to read the law, he explains each and every logic, he explains what is there and why it is there. Explaining complex topics with zeal and help the students understanding is not an easy task when you are teaching law. But this quality makes CS ANoop Jain, the Corporate Law Wizard, because he not only explains the law, but organizes different programs and seminars such as Company Law Quiz, Mock-AGMs, Regular test series, Seminars on E-form filling, Seminars on Incorporation process, Seminars on how art-advocacy, Seminars on Interpretation of Statute.

You talk about result, he has delivered it 14 times Back-to-Back; you ask about rank-holders and highest mark getter, in every session his students score highest marks all over India; you talk about knowledge and interpretation skills, his students knows rules, sub-rules, section, sub-section, interpretation with logic, forms numbers and even every related case-studies on every topic. He teacher along with along with CA Arun Setia who is also India?s reknonwed teacher for CS Exams at CA Arun Setia Classes. Both these teachers with their efforts and dedication to help students has made their institute India?s No.1 Institute for CS Education. The institute has a sound infra which atusties every student?s need and preferences.


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