Taxmann Project Appraisal & Management By Rashmi Agrawal , Yogieta S. Mehra Edition June 2021

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Project Appraisal & Management is a Case Study based Text, explaining all aspects of Project from Inception to Implementation, for Professionals, Budding Entrepreneurs & Start-up Enthusiast

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This book is a comprehensive & well-illustrated textbook on ‘Project Appraisal & Management’. It provides comprehensive coverage of the prescribed syllabus at both postgraduate and undergraduate level of all major universities of India.

This book will be helpful for postgraduate and undergraduate courses in Management and specifically for the students of MBA/M.Com./BMS/BBA/Generic Paper of B.Com. (Hons.)

The Present Publication is the Reprint June 2021 Edition, authored by Prof. Rashmi Agarwal & Dr. Yogieta S. Mehra, with the following noteworthy features:

  • [Case Studies] Each chapter begins and ends with a real Case Study, (both successful & failed ones are included) for illustrating the application of theoretical aspects in practical corporate life
  • [Ready Reckoner] for professionals, budding entrepreneurs, dreamers, and start-up enthusiast
  • [Questions] for review are provided at the end of every chapter
  • [Illustrations] in every chapter to explain the concepts in a lucid manner
  • [Checklists] for starting a New Business and preparation of Project Reports & Business Plan

The flow of the book is as follows

  • Chapters 1 – 4 provides the entire ‘feasibility analysis’ to assess the viability of a project
  • Chapters 5 – 7 are focused on impact analysis, i.e., economic, environmental & social analysis
  • Chapters 9 – 11 are dedicated to all the probable entrepreneurs who seek to know more about the essentials for starting a new venture

The contents of the book are as follows

An Introduction to Project Appraisal

  • Project Appraisal: An Introduction
  • Project Appraisal Process: Steps
  • Project Appraisal Methodology
  • Project Life Cycle
  • Origin of Project Appraisal
  • Development Planning and Project Appraisal

Identification of Investment Opportunities and Market Analysis

  • Case Study: Patanjali Ayurved
  • Introduction – Market Analysis
  • Business Ideas
  • Market Feasibility Analysis
  • Understanding the Market
  • Estimating Market Size
  • Industry Structure
  • Managing Competition
  • Forecasting Market Growth
  • Develop the Sales and Marketing Plan
  • Digital Marketing: The New Frontier

Technical Analysis

  • Case Study: A Techpreneur’s Guide to Success – Shiv Nadar
  • Introduction – Technical Analysis
  • Technical Appraisal Decision Tool of the Project
  • The Lender’s Analysis
  • Key Aspects of Technology
  • Impact of Technology on Management of Firms

Investment Appraisal: Introduction and Techniques

  • Case Study: Why the King of Good Times Flew Away
  • Introduction – Financial Analysis
  • Investment Decisions & Development Planning
  • Financial Feasibility Analysis
  • Investment Decision Criteria
  • Concept of Time in Financial Appraisal
  • Investment Decision Techniques
  • Inter-Relationship Between NPV, BCR and IRR
  • Financial Feasibility Analysis
  • Types of Contracts
  • Lender’s Perspective: Appraisal of Financial Viability

Economic Analysis

  • Case Study: Solar Parks
  • Introduction: Economic Analysis
  • Objectives of Economic Analysis
  • Rationale of Social Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Direct and Indirect Cost and Benefits
  • Shadow Price
  • Choice of Discount Rate
  • Dealing with Uncertainty
  • Efficiency and Equity in Project Appraisal
  • Institutional Framework
  • UNIDO Method for Social Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Little Mirrlees Approach for SCBA
  • Indian Scenario

Environmental Analysis

  • Case Study: EIA of Building a Hospital Project
  • Introduction – Environment Analysis
  • Physical Manifestation of Environment Degradation
  • Environmental Attributes for a Project
  • Environment Impact Assessment
  • EIA and Project Life Cycle
  • Environmental Considerations and Discount Rate
  • Economic Valuation of Natural Resources
  • Resource Allocation
  • Approaches for Value Measurements

Socio-Economic Analysis

  • Case Study: Patna Ghats
  • Introduction – Social Impact Assessment
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
  • Progress of SIA
  • Principles for Social Impact Assessment
  • Social Impact Assessment Methods and Tools
  • The SIA Process and Report
  • Advantages – Social Impact Assessment

Risk and Sensitivity Analysis

  • Case Study PAYTM: Vijay Shekhar Sharma
  • Introduction – Risk and Uncertainty Analysis
  • Uncertainty Analysis
  • Risk Analysis
  • Project Selection under Risk
  • Monitoring and Control of Investment Projects


  • Case Study: Kent RO
  • Introduction: Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship Model and Traits
  • Theoretical Approaches of Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship: The Global Scenario

New Venture: Elements for Success

  • Case Study: Naturally Sweet Success Story
  • Introduction
  • Creativity
  • Motivation for Creative Ideas and Entrepreneurship
  • Barriers to Creativity
  • Techniques to Enhance Creativity
  • Strategic Planning and the Entrepreneur
  • Franchising

Formation of a New Venture

  • Introduction
  • Financing Options for a New Venture
  • What is a Start-up
  • Checklist for Starting New Business in India
  • Government Initiatives for Start-ups in India
  • Checklist for Preparation of Project Reports and Business Plan

About the author

Prof. Rashmi Agrawal, presently a Professor at the Department of Business Economics, University of Delhi, has more than 40 years of teaching experience. Formerly, Head of Department of Business Economics and Dean of Faculty of Applied Social Science and Humanities, University of Delhi South Campus, she has completed two UGC major research projects. Her research papers have been published in many national and international journals. She has mentored more than 40 Ph.D. and M.Phil students.

Dr. Yogieta S. Mehra teaches at the Department of Management Studies, Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College, University of Delhi, with more than 20 years of teaching experience. She started her career as an Investment Banker and has done her MBE, M.Phil and PhD from the Department of Business Economics, University of Delhi.

She has presented papers at numerous National and International Conferences, including IGIDR, Mumbai and IIM Bangalore. She has been awarded the Best Paper prize twice. Her research papers have been published in reputed National and International Journals. She has also written a book on Operational Risk Management in Banks. She has also completed a UGC Major Research Project and mentored two Ph.D, students.

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