Taxmann Law Relating to NFRA/Audit & Auditors Edition August 2019


A Comprehensive Guide To Law governing National Financial Reporting Authority (NFRA)/Audit & Auditors under Companies Act 2013

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Taxmann Law Relating NFRA/Audit Auditors

Taxmann Law Relating NFRA/Audit Auditors


Division one – Law governing national financial reporting authority (NFRA) under companies act, 2013

1 Genesis & Architecture of National Financial Reporting Authority

2 Functions, Duties & Powers of NFRA

3 Classes of companies or bodies corporate governed by NFRA

4 Duties of companies/bodies corporate governed by NFRA

5 Auditors governed by NFRA

6 Duties of Auditors governed by NFRA

7 Monitoring and enforcement of compliance with accounting standards

8 Monitoring and enforcement of compliance with auditing standards

9 Oversight of quality of service of auditors

10 Power of NFRA in relation to professional or other misconduct of auditors governed by NFRA in terms of Rule 3

11 Appeal by auditor aggrieved by NFRA?s order on professional or other misconduct

Division – Two Law governing Audit & auditor under companies Act, 2013

12 Audit

13 Qualifications for auditor

14 Disqualifications of auditors

15 Appointment of auditors of Govt. Companies

16 Appointment of auditors in case of companies other than government companies

17 Compulsory Rotation of Auditors

18 Rotation of Audit Partners

19 Reappointment of retiring auditors

20 Remuneration of auditors

21 Joint Auditors

22 Removal of auditors

23 Resignation of auditor

24 Powers and duties of auditors

25 reporting frauds to central government

26 Branch Audit

27 Audit in case of Government Companies

28 Auditor not to render certain services

29 Signing of Audit reports

30 Auditors to attend A


Appendix 1 : Relevant sections of Companies Act, 2013

Appendix 2 : Companies (Audit and Auditors) Rules, 2014

Appendix 3 : National Financial Reporting Authority (Manner of appointment and other terms and conditions of Service of Chairperson and Members) Rules, 2018

Appendix 4 : National Financial Reporting Authority Rules, 2018

Appendix 5 : Notifications issued under NFRA

Appendix 6 : Companies (Auditor?s Report) Order, 2016


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