Taxmann Foreign Exchange Management Manual with FEMA and FDI Ready Reckoner & FEMA Case Laws Digest Edition January 2023


This book is a compendium of amended, updated & annotated text of FEMA, FCRA, PMLA & FDI. It includes all relevant Rules/Regulations, Notifications, Master Directions, Case Laws, FEMA & FDI ready reckoner, etc., on the foreign exchange laws in India.

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Foreign Exchange Management Manual (Two Volumes Set)

Foreign Exchange Management Manual (Two Volumes Set)


This unique book presents all aspects of the foreign exchange laws in India, including:

  • Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA)
  • Rules & Regulations under FEMA
  • Notifications issued under FEMA
  • Master Directions updated till date
  • Memorandum of Instructions
  • Law relating to Foreign Contributions
  • Law relating to the Prevention of Money Laundering
  • Foreign Direct Investments
  • Allied Acts/Rules & Guidelines
  • FEMA & FDI Ready Reckoner on 50+ Topics
  • FEMA Case Law Digest covering Section-wise digest of judgements of Supreme Court/High Courts & ATFE
  • RBI’s Circulars & Clarifications

The Present Publication is the 41st Edition & updated till 12th December 2022. This book is edited/authored by Taxmann’s Editorial Board.
It is a compendium of amended, updated & annotated text of the following laws:

Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), along with the following:

  • 35+ Rules, Regulations & Directions framed under FEMA, arranged alphabetically & chronologically, that are issued by the Central Government & RBI
  • Notifications issued under FEMA
  • Basic Notifications
  • 25+ from the Central Government
  • 50+ from the RBI
  • 40+ Amending Notifications
  • Notifications
  • 50+ from the Central Government
  • 440+ from the RBI
  • 20+ Master Directions updated till date
  • Memorandum of Instructions including PEM, ACM, GIM & LIM

Law Relating to Foreign Contributions along with the following:

  • 4+ Acts
  • Relevant Rules & Regulations
  • Notifications
  • Directions
  • Guidelines
  • Case Laws Digest
  • FAQs
  • SOPs & Charters, etc.

Law Relating to Prevention of Money Laundering along with the following:

  • Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002
  • Relevant Notifications
  • 14+ Rules & Regulations
  • Relevant Directions

EURO Issue, Issue of Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds, Ordinary Shares through Depository Receipt Mechanism, Issue of Foreign Currency Exchange Bonds

3+ Allied Acts/5+ Rules & Guidelines

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Policy along with the following:

  • Consolidated FDI Policy
  • 20+ Circulars & Press Notes (2017-22)
  • Summary Table of Section-wise FDI Policy

Tribunal, Appellate Tribunal and Other Authorities

  • Tribunal Reforms Act & Rules
  • Relevant Sections of the Finance Act, 2017
  • Tribunal (Conditions of Service) Rules, 2021

Along with the above, this book also features the following:

FEMA and FDI Ready Reckoner (Subject-wise Practical Guide to the Law on 50+ topics in 500+ Pages)

Case Law Digest on:

  • FEMA
  • Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 1976
  • Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010
  • Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, 1973

RBI’s Circulars & Clarifications from 2000-22

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