Taxmann Business Communication By K.K. Sinha, Ruchi Sehgal Mohindra Edition May 2023

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This book addresses new learning objectives in the context of online communication, which gained importance due to the pandemic, along with the core understanding of business communication. It aims to be interesting and valuable to managerial students by covering various aspects of communication, using case studies, key points, and review questions for effective learning. It features a lucid presentation, real-life examples, comprehensive coverage, learning objectives, application-based questions, post-pandemic discussion, and online resources.

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Taxmann Business Communication By K.K. Sinha Edition 2023

Taxmann Business Communication By K.K. Sinha Edition 2023

This book is a comprehensive guide for managerial students to enhance their understanding of business communication.

The Present Publication is the 5th Edition, authored by Dr K.K. Sinha and Dr Ruchi Sehgal Mohindra, with the following noteworthy features:

  • [Lucid Presentation] to help understand the concepts of business communication with snippets along the way
  • [‘Real-life Situation Based’ Examples and Case-studies] to enable discussion and comprehension of the respective topic
  • [Comprehensive Coverage with Leading Cases/Examples] to facilitate a better understanding
  • [Learning Objectives] have been included for each chapter
  • [Application-based Questions] are also included for further understanding of the topic
  • [Discussion on Post-pandemic Effects on Business Communication] have also been discussed
  • [Key Points & Review Questions] have been included at the end of each chapter

The detailed contents of this book are as follows:

  • Nature of Communication
    • Communication – Its Overview
    • Barriers & Guidelines of Communication
    • Effective Reading
    • Listening
    • Non-verbal Communication
  • Use of Languages
    • English for Effective Business Communication
    • English Spelling
  • Business Writing
    • Verbal Communication – Written
    • Essentials of Effective Correspondence
    • E-Mail Writing
    • Written Communication for Employment
    • Other Business Writing
  • Oral Communication
    • Oral Communication – Presentation, Group Discussion & Interview
  • Intercultural Business Communication
    • Conflict and Negotiation
    • Business Communication Across Cultures (Culture & Communication)
  • Business Communication & Technology
    • Technology of Business Communication
  • Effective Writing
    • Essay Writing

About the author

Mr Jain is a practising Chartered Accountant with 22 years of experience in audit & assurance. He has led audits of listed & unlisted companies. He has served domestic, international, & multinational clients operating in diverse sectors like Consumer Goods, Automotive Components, Telecom, Travel, Entertainment, EPC, Education, and NBFC. He has also handled audits both under Indian GAAP and IFRS. Pranav also has experience in providing IPO advisory services.

He is a regular speaker at various ICAI CPE Study Circles and other forums such as the PHD Chambers of Commerce in Industry. He has also presented on International Standard for Auditing at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Barbados. He is empanelled as Technical Reviewer with Quality Review Board set up by the Government of India.

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