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Tan Print’s Mathematics for NTA CUET (UG) 2022 By Lalit Sharma

Tan Print’s Mathematics for NTA CUET (UG) 2022 By Lalit Sharma

This book intends to cater to the principal needs of all the students preparing for the Common University Entrance Test (CUET) at the Undergraduate Level in the Mathematics Domain. This book contains the practice material in a highly student-friendly and thorough manner.

The Present Publication is the Latest 2022 Edition, authored by Lalit Sharma, with the following noteworthy features:

  • [As per the Latest Syllabus] released by the National Testing Agency (NTA)
  • [Chapter-wise/Topic-wise MCQs] with hints and answers
  • [Chapter-wise ‘Mind Maps/Quick Review’] for complete revision of concepts
  • [Tease your Brain] section for conceptual clarity
  • [Official Mock Test Pattern]

The structure of the book is as follows:

  • Chapter 1 provides complete concept clarity about the topic ‘Relations and Functions’ with sufficient conceptual questions
  • Chapter 2 provides precise information regarding the principal value branch and other properties of ‘Inverse Trigonometric Functions’
  • Chapter 3 and 4 gives all necessary formulas and definitions related to ‘Matrices’ and ‘Determinants’ with sufficient practice questions
  • Chapter 5 and 6 gives all necessary formulas and rules regarding ‘Continuity and Differentiability’ and ‘Applications of Derivatives’ with several MCQs
  • Chapters 7, 8 and 9 give all necessary formulas and techniques regarding ‘Integrals’, ‘Application of Integral’ and ‘Differential Equations’
  • Chapter 10 and 11 provides all definitions, formulas related to ‘Vector Algebra’ and
  • ‘Three-Dimensional Geometry’ with sufficient MCQs
  • Chapter 12 gives all necessary definitions and techniques to solve the ‘Linear Programming Problem’ with input text questions
  • Chapter 13 provides all necessary concepts and formulas related to ‘Probability’ with sufficient MCQs on each topic
  • Specially designed ‘Tease your Brain’ section to give deep concept clarity
  • Two Practice test papers with final answers, strictly based on the latest sample CUET-2022 paper released by NTA, are given
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