Orient Publishing Guide To The Deeds (The Most Comprehensive Coverage of Model Deeds) By P.K. Majumdar 6th Edition Reprint 2022

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Orient Publishing Guide To The Deeds By P K Majumdar

Orient Publishing Guide To The Deeds By P K Majumdar

About the Book

A deed is a written instruments, which is also known s instrument in solemn form. Two attesting witnesses are required. Conditions attached to the acceptance of a deed are known as covenants. A deed intended or indenture is one executed in two or more parts according to the number of parties, which were formerly separated by cutting in a curved or indented line known as the chirograph. A deed poll is one executed in one part by partly having the edge polled or cut even, and includes simple grants and appointments. In the transfer of real estate, a deed conveys ownership from the old owner (the grantor) to the new owner (the grantee) and can include various warrants. The precise name and nature of these warranties differ by jurisdiction. Often however the basic differences between them is the degree to which the grantor warrants the title. The grantor may give general warranty if title against any claim, or the warranty may be limited to only claims which occurred after the grantor obtained real estate. The latter type of deed is known as general warranty deed.


1.     Introduction
2.     Definitions and Construction
3.     Acknowledgement
4.     Adoptions
5.     Advertisement
6.     Advocates
7.     Affidavit, Oath and Affirmation
8.     Agency Agents and Broker
9.     Agreements
10.   Apprenticeship
11.    Arbitration
12.   Attestation
13.   Banking Documents and Negotiable Instruments
14.   Bonds
15.   Building Contracts
16.   Clubs and Societies
17.   Companies
18.   Compromise
19.   Consumer
20.   Contracts (Preliminary and Operational Documents)
21.    Co-Operative Societies
22.   Debt with Charge
23.   Debt Recovery
24.   Design Act
25.   Documents
26.   Domestic Violence
27.   Easements
28.   Employer Employee Relations
29.   Edowment
30.   Exchange
31.    Family Arrangement or Family Settlement
32.   Gift Deeds
33.   Hire Purchase
34.   Hypothecation and Pledge
35.   Indemnity
36.   Land Acquisition
37.   Lease
38.   Licences
39.   Marriage, Divorce and Maintenance
40.   Mortgages
41.    Motor Vehicles
42.   Notices
43.   Partition
44.   Partnership
45.   Passports
46.   Plant
47.   Power of Attorney
48.   Promissory Note
49.   Property Transactions
50.   Public Liability Insurance
51.    Railways
52.   Receipts
53.   Registered and Unregistered Deed
54.   Release
55.   Sale Deeds
56.   Security Bond
57.   Securitisation, Reconstruction and  Security Enforcement
58.   Stamp on Documents
59.   Succession Certificate
60.   Trust Deeds
61.    Wakf Deeds
62.   Wills
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