Oakbridge Private Placement of Shares Deal-making and the Madisonian Dilemma By Viral Mehta Edition 2022

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Oakbridge Private Placement of Shares By Viral Mehta

Oakbridge Private Placement of Shares By Viral Mehta

Private Placement of Shares: Deal-making and the Madisonian Dilemma is meant to serve as a practical guide to private-placement transactions in the Indian corporate context. The book also explores the so-called “Madisonian dilemma” upon which American constitutional democracy rests. The dilemma involves the search for the correct balance between two constitutional principles that are constantly in tension with each other.

The law imposes a set of legal requirements on an Indian company proposing to undertake a private placement of its shares. The requirements are designed to safeguard not only the interests of the potential investor but of the shareholders of the company too. Since these statutory protections are, at times, suboptimal, transacting parties prefer to customize them by entering into contractual arrangements as part of their deal. The book explains both the regulatory regime, and the agreements typically entered into in connection with a private-placement transaction. In doing so, it aims to show how good deal-making is an art of fitting them together.

The book will be useful for practitioners, law firms, judges, financial advisory entities, academics, and students of law.

About the author

Viral Mehta has over 20 years of experience in mergers and acquisitions, private equity, foreign investment, joint ventures, and general corporate matters. He is a partner at S&R Associates, one of India’s leading corporate law firms, and works in its Mumbai office. He read law at Government Law College, Mumbai, and Harvard Law School.

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