Oakbridge Data Protection Laws Demystified By Anghrija Chakraborty Edition 2020


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Oakbridge Data Protection Laws Demystified By Anghrija Chakraborty

Oakbridge Data Protection Laws Demystified By Anghrija Chakraborty


Data Protection Laws Demystified?addresses the issues of privacy and protection of personal data as well as client confidential data, especially brought to the fore by the European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation, the new draft of the Indian Data Protection Bill 2018 submitted by the Justice B. N. Srikrishna Committee on personal data protection in India, and other major privacy and personal data protection related legislative developments worldwide.

The book aims at answering the myriad questions about applicability of legislation, data ownership, data handling, data security, data subject (an individual?s) rights, and sanctions associated with legal/operational compliance to legislation; which have arisen in the aftermath of global convergence(s), new information technologies, changing business models and practices, evolving social norms, and new & constantly changing legislation. It discusses methods of effectively implementing a comprehensive privacy program that would assist in securing and managing all types of personal data, especially in the context of the corporate sector and the non-profit sectors.

Written in a lucid language, FAQs, flowcharts and checklists have been incorporated to elucidate complex concepts and to provide practical guidance. The book will be of value to In-house Counsels and other Functional Heads, Cyber Security and IT Professionals, Corporate Sector, Law firms and Independent Practitioners, Government bodies/organisations, Judiciary, Policy makers and Organisations required to maintain client confidentiality under law i.e. CA firms; Audit Firms; Telecom Companies; E-commerce Companies, Fintech Companies etc.


  1. Introduction
  2. The EU General Data Protection Regulation And How It Is A Game Changer For India
  3. GDPR A New Era Of Data Protection
  4. Decoding The GDPR Rubric
  5. GDPR FAQs
  6. Ready Reckoner For Businesses In Preparing For The GDPR
  7. Data Protection Regime In India
  8. Privacy Under The Indian Data Protection Bill & Other Recent Developments
  9. Privacy Developments Across The World
  10. Sector Specific Data Protection Laws In India


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