MakeMyDelivery CA Final New Syllabus OPTIMISED 4.0 Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation Set of 2 Volume By CA Sankalp Kanstiya Applicable for May / November 2020 Exam

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Key Features of OPTIMISED includes:

  1. Absolute coverage of the syllabus of Strategic Cost Management & Performance Evaluation prescribed by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India And Exhaustive Coverage of All ICAI Study Material Questions (including the New SM), RTP, MTP, Past Papers and Relevant Old syllabus Questions as well, wherever required and applicable.
  2. The entire syllabus is divided in 2 VOLUMES consisting of Theory with Case Studies and Practical Questions.
  3. Volume 1 provides a diagrammatic review of theoretical concepts, with chapter wise summary.
  4. Diagrammatic Representation & Analysis of All Case Studies issued by ICAI till date.
  5. Volume 2 consists of Systematically SOLVED questions with SUMMARY of questions making the understanding of complex sums simpler