LMP Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code 2016 with Rules Regulations and Guidelines and Jurisprudence By Shweta Bharti Edition 2024

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LMP Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code By Shweta Bharti 2024

LMP Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code By Shweta Bharti 2024

Highlights of the Book

The Compendium in two volumes, is a comprehensive manual of IBC with relevant cases arranged section-wise with a precise head note highlighting the ratio of the case. Following are the highlights of the Compendium :

  • Volume 1 comprises the Code whereas Volume 2 encompasses the Rules, Regulations and Guidelines.
  • Under each section, the book meticulously organizes relevant case laws with precise head notes, with a priority given to latest cases from the Supreme Court, followed by the High Courts, NCLAT, and NCLT.
  • The inclusion of case laws from various judicial levels offers readers a comprehensive understanding of the evolving legal principles governing insolvency and bankruptcy.
  • To enhance usability, the book features a detailed subject index and section index, allowing easy navigation and quick reference to specific provisions and cases.
  • It also provides an extensive list of cases, encompassing citations from Corporate Law Adviser (CLA) and the authoritative Supreme Court Cases (SCC) for a broader range of references.
  • The book serves as an invaluable resource for legal professionals, insolvency practitioners, scholars, and students seeking a holistic understanding of the IBC and its practical application.

Overall, the book serves as an authoritative guide, combining the text of the IBC with relevant case laws, to provide comprehensive insights into India’s insolvency landscape and the evolving jurisprudence surrounding the IBC.

About the Author

Ms. Shweta Bharti, a Senior Partner at Hammurabi and Solomon partners, is a highly accomplished legal professional renowned for her expertise in the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC). With more than 22 years of extensive experience in complex financial and operational restructuring, she has established herself as one of the leading lawyers in the country.

Throughout her career, Ms. Bharti has been involved in numerous high-stakes and highly complex IBC cases, representing a wide range of clients, including debtors, distressed investors, and creditors. Her exceptional knowledge and expertise have consistently delivered successful outcomes for her clients.

One of the notable cases in which Ms. Bharti played a crucial role was the landmark case on the issue of ‘Reverse Insolvency’, in which the judgement was passed by National Company Law Appellate Tribunal (NCLAT) and upheld by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. This judgment clarified that any insolvency process initiated by a homebuyer or a financial institution would be limited to the specific project concerned and would not impact other projects of developers. Ms. Bharti’s expertise and strategic counsel in this matter played a pivotal role in shaping the legal landscape surrounding reverse insolvency in the country.

Ms. Bharti has also represented various financial institutions, involving complex issues arising under IBC. Her diligent efforts and astute legal acumen contributed to a favorable outcome for her clients.

In addition to the above, Ms. Bharti has strategized, advised, drafted, contested, and argued multiple multimillion-dollar matters related to the initiation of corporate insolvency resolution processes by operational creditors. She successfully represented clients in insolvency proceedings under the IBC. Her exceptional knowledge, expertise, and strategic approach have consistently led to successful resolutions in these complex cases.

Apart from her exceptional legal expertise, Ms. Shweta Bharti is also recognized for her thought leadership in the field of IBC. She has contributed significantly to the legal discourse by writing insightful articles on IBC-related topics. Her articles, such as “How to balance the IBC and the PMLA” and “COVID-19, IBC suspension and operational creditors,” published in India Business Law Journal, demonstrate her deep understanding of the subject matter and her ability to provide valuable insights into complex issues. Her expertise and profound knowledge have made her a sought-after speaker at seminars and conferences on IBC-related topics. She actively promotes knowledge sharing and professional development, exchanging ideas and staying updated on the latest IBC developments. She has also contributed in the Compliance, Ethics and Integrity from the Indian perspective on the German “Yearbook 2021 on Global Ethics, Compliance & Integrity” compiled by Viadrina Centre for Compliance, Germany as well as an author on Compliance Laws in India published by Bundsanzeiger Verlag, a leading German publication as well as contributed to the World Bank’s published “Women Business and Law”.

Furthermore, Ms. Bharti’s remarkable achievements have garnered recognition within the legal community. She has been listed as India’s Top A-List Lawyer by India Business Law Journal (IBLJ) in 2022-2023, one of the Top 50 Dispute Lawyers 2023 in Asia by Asian Legal Business, Restructuring and Insolvency Lawyer of the Year (Finalist) at the Women in Business Law Awards APAC 2022, and recognized as one of Asia-Pacific’s Top 100 Women in Litigation by Benchmark Litigation in 2021. Her dedication and contributions to the field have also been acknowledged through rankings by prestigious publications such as Legal 500, Forbes India, BW Legalworld, and Asialaw.

She’s also a speaker at various Forums, Seminars and webinars both Domestic as well as International. She’s is also the Jurisdictional Council Member of IPBA and has also held various other leadership positions in different Associations and Organisations in the past. She is also sitting as the Independent Director in various multinational companies as well as acting as the External Member of the POSH Committees of various organisations and conducted various investigations on various complaints.

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