LexisNexis The Indian Contract Act, 1872 By Pollock & Mulla Edition 2018

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LexisNexis The Indian Contract Act 1872 By Pollock & Mulla

LexisNexis The Indian Contract Act 1872 By Pollock & Mulla


This updated edition covers the latest case law and legislative amendments till date as well as the current developments in the law relating to contracts in India. All notable decisions of the Supreme Court and various High Courts, and the changes made by the various Amending Acts have been incorporated at appropriate places in the book. In addition, it contains provisions of relevant sections of other statutes. Example: Section 7 of the Indian Contract Act ? ?Acceptance must be absolute? in the context of Article 299 of the Constitution. Important principles laid down by the Supreme Court in commercial matters, particularly in matters arising from arbitration proceedings have been covered in this edition. This edition also covers the decisions of highest courts from common law jurisdictions, viz. United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, of the past decade. For easy navigation and reference, the book includes a detailed table of contents, table of cases and a comprehensive subject index.

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