Lexis Nexis The Law of Contempt-Contempt of Courts and Legislatures By Samaraditya Pal Edition 2021

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Lexis Nexis The Law of ContemptContempt of Courts By Samaraditya Pal

Lexis Nexis The Law of ContemptContempt of Courts By Samaraditya Pal

The Law of Contempt is a lucid and concise commentary on the subject which is an indispensable aid in the constitutional functioning of our basic democratic institutions. The topic has been structured into four parts. Part-1deals with the constitutional provisions. Part-2 contains the commentaries on the Contempt of Courts Act, 1971, Part-3 is a brief overview of the contempt powers of the Tribunals. Lastly, Part-4 traces the elements of contempt jurisdiction of the legislatures.

Key Features

  • Explains the concept and its related provisions such manner that is easy to understand and apply
  • Discusses on legislative history and genesis of the Contempt of Courts Act, 1971
  • Explains the vital role of judiciary and how the subject is important in achieving fair administration of justice
  • Apart from the courts, it also examines contempt of legislatures and tribunals
  • contains case law not only from India but from all relevant jurisdictions and are analysed with discernment and insight
  • Highlights the importance as to how the subject arms the legislatures to enforce discipline and ensure un-interfered progress of proceedings
  • Includes latest judgments delivered by the Supreme Court and various High Courts including Rakesh Tiwari v Alok Pandey, National Lawyers’ Campaign for Judicial Transparency and Reforms v Union of India, Yashwant Sinha v CBI, etc.