Lawmann Law Relating to Money Suits with Model Forms By Nayan Joshi Edition 2024

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 Law Relating to Money Suits with Model Forms By Nayan Joshi

Law Relating to Money Suits with Model Forms By Nayan Joshi


  • Introduction
  • Adjudication of Claims to, or Objections to Attachment of Property
  • Application for Execution by Joint Decree Holders
  • Application for Execution by Transfer of Decree
  • Attachment of Property
  • Decree for Execution of Document, or Endorsement of Negotiable Instrument
  • Decree for Immovable Property
  • Decree for Payment of Money
  • Decree for Specific Performance for Restitution of Conjugal Rights or for an Injunction
  • Definition of Court which passed a Decree
  • Discretionary Power to Permit Judgment-Debtor to Show Cause against Detention in Prison
  • Endorsement on Process
  • Execution in cases of Cross-Decrees
  • Execution of Decrees passed by Courts in Reciprocating Territory
  • Mode of Making Proclamation
  • Modes of Paying Money under Decree
  • Notice to Show Cause against Execution in Certain Cases
  • Oral Application
  • Payment Out of Court to Decree-Holder
  • Power to Order Property Attached to be Sold and Proceeds to be Paid to Person Entitled
    Private Alienation of Property after Attachment to be Void
  • Procedure in Execution
  • Procedure on Receiving Application for Execution of Decree
  • Proceedings on Appearance of Judgment-Debtor in Obedience to Notice or after Arrest
  • Process for Execution
  • Proclamation of Sales by Public Auction
  • Property Liable to Attachment and Sale in Execution of Decree
  • Questions to be Determined by Court – Executing Decree
  • Sale of Movable Property
  • Sale of Immovable Property
  • Stay of Execution Pending Suit between Decree-Holder and Judgment-Debtor
  • Transfer of Decree
  • When Court May Stay Execution
  • Suits Relating to Mortgage of Immovable Property
  • Model Forms (Forms 1 to 91)
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