Law Publisher Law of Arms and Explosives By R.N. Saxena and Gaur Edition 2016


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Saxena And Gaur’s Law Of Arms And Explosives Made Its First Appearance In 1953 And Needs No Introduction To Its Readers Now While It Steps In Its Eleventh Edition. This Treatise Comprehensively And Squarely Touches Practically All Area Of This Publication, Speaks Laurels Of The Popularity And Acceptance Of This Publication In The Hands Of The Readers.

The Law Of Arms And Explosives Has An Important Role In The Armoury Of Laws. The Need For A Law Dealing With These Subjects Arose From Colonial Of Imperialistic Needs. A Huge Experiment In Mass Disarmament Was Tried After There Wo0rld Be No Further Uprisisng Of The Masses The Arms Act Of 1860 Provided For Disaming The People And Sought To Regulate Possession, Carriage, Transport, Export Import And Sale Of Arms, Ammunition And Military Stores Through Prescribed Licences Ofr Permits Issued By The Government.

This Revised And Enlarged Edition Is Carefully Garnered And Each Section Of The Act Has Been Most Elaborateloy, Exhaustively, Analytically And Critically Dealt With And Entire Discussion Is Preceded By Synopsis, Facilitating Easy Access To The Relevant Subject Matter. No Stones Have Been Left Unturned In Incorporating All The Amendments And Up To Date Case Laws In This Edition Manifesting High Degree Of Legal Industry As Well As Anlytical Compilation And Exposition Of Law.









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