Snow White Law of Arbitration and Conciliation By Justice S.M. Jhunjhunuwala Edition 2023


Law of Arbitration and Conciliation By Justice S.M. Jhunjhunuwala

Law of Arbitration and Conciliation By Justice S.M. Jhunjhunuwala

It is a classic work on arbitration and considered to be one of the best commentaries on the law of Arbitration and Conciliation in India. Since the publication of the first edition in 1998, this work underwent nine revisions and one reprint. The response of the legal profession, courts, arbitrators and users to every edition was overwhelming. Almost all the editions were out of print within a year of their publication. Considering the major evolutions in the field of law of arbitration in India and abroad, the present edition is an extensive revision of the commentary. It covers the law of arbitration as on 1st March, 2022. All important decisions of the Supreme Court and the High Courts have been critically analyzed and commented upon. Commentary on most of the important provisions have not only been revised but thoroughly rewritten. It should be of great assistance to the lawyers, courts, arbitrators and all concerned. The AuthorsThe authors are leading authority on domestic and international arbitrations and commercial litigation. Justice S.M. Jhunjhunuwala is former Judge of the Bombay High Court. Prior to elevation, he practiced law in the Bombay High Court since 1958. He was designated as a senior advocate by the High Court . He had extensive practice in civil and commercial litigation , in particular , in the field of arbitration. As a Judge also he rendered large number of judgments on commercial laws and arbitration. After retirement in 1996, he is acting as arbitrator in domestic and international commercial arbitrations in India. With the vast experience of arbitration and knowledge , he is considered as an authority on the subject of arbitration.

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