IGP Publication Tax Scan-ner for CS Executive (5501 MCQ) By Vivek Gaba

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a) Suitable for quick revision with 100% coverage: The book covers entire syllabus at a place and is suitable for quick revision.
b) Includes MCO: The book includes MCQ for all the chapters which will help you for preparing for the exam in the best manner.
c) Suitable from revision just before exam: It’s difficult for the students to revise entire syllabus in one day just before the day of exam. The book has been written keeping in mind
the same and also suitable brushing up the concepts for examination.
d) Includes most important solved problems: The book also contains objective and practical question that will help students in the application of law.
e) All concepts in simple and easy language: All the provisions have been explained in easy language and also in graphical and tabular manner to make study easy and simple.

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