Asia Law House Criminology and Criminal Justice System By Dr. N. Maheshwara Swamy Edition 2019


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Criminology and Criminal Justice System By Dr. N. Maheshwara

Criminology and Criminal Justice System By Dr. N. Maheshwara

The subject of “Criminology” which forms part of the criminal justice system, deals with all aspects of criminal jurisprudence including development and role of schools of criminology, crimes, criminals, principles/ theories of crimes and punishments, prison reforms and victim compensation, etc. Its objective is to reform the people who are susceptible to commit or have already committed any offence(s)/crime(s) and to establish a crime free society. Knowledge of this subject is a qua non for everyone in general and for law enforcement authorities and agencies in particular. The First Edition of this book was published as early as in the year 2013 with a pious hope that it could help and assist the law enforcement agencies, the academicians and others dealing with the subject. Since its First Edition, there have been considerable changes made either by way of amendments, especially in the substantive/procedural criminal laws, such as the Indian Penal Code, 1860n the Criminal Procedure Code, 1973, the Evidence Act, 1872, or by way of introducing new enactments like “Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012 and the Rules made thereunder, etc, as the case may be.

Part One : Criminology and its Various Facets

I.     Origin, Scope, Theories and Schools of Criminology
II.    Theories of “Crime”
Part Two : Concept and theories of Crime
I.    Meaning, Nature Scope and Classification of “Crime”
II.   Theories of “Crime”
III.  Factors/Causations Leading to Crime
IV.  Reactions to Crimes
V.   Prevention of Crime
Part Three : Penology with Punishments and Prisons Reforms
I.    Definition, Objective and Scope of Penology
II.   Concept, Definition, Nature Forms and Purposes of Punishments
III.  Therapeutic/Human Approach to Prisoners
IV.  Measures to Reform Criminals
Part Four : Victimology and Restorative Justice
I.    Definition, Nature and Scope of “Victims” and “Vicitimology”
II.   Development of Victmology and the Victim Relief Programmes
Part Five : Criminal Justice and its Administration
I.    Police Administration of Criminal Justice System
II.   Organization of Criminal Courts and Criminal Justice System
III.  Accused and His Rights
IV.  Law and Procedure Relating to Criminal Appeals, Revisions, Writ Petitions and Special Leave Petitions
Subject Index