Commercial How to Handle GST Notices Scrutiny, Assessment and Adjudication By Rakesh Garg and Sandeep Garg Edition April 2023

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Commercial How to Handle GST Notices Scrutiny By Rakesh Garg

Commercial How to Handle GST Notices Scrutiny By Rakesh Garg

About the Book

Part A- Preamble and Major Litigations – 2 Chapters: (1) Concepts and Framework of GST (2) Major litigation areas in the GST

Part B – Scrutiny and Assessment – 7 Chapters: (1) Scheme of Assessment (2) Provisional Assessment (3) Scrutiny of Returns (4) Non-filer of Returns (5) Assessment of Unregistered Persons (6) Summary Assessment (7) Assessment related Provisions & Forms

Part C-Show Cause Notice under sec 73/74-7 Chapters: (1) SCN under sec 73/74 – Scope, Circustances and Time Limit (2) SCN under sec 73/74-Voluntary Payment (3) SCN under sec 73/75 Defense and Replies (4) SCN under sec 73/74 – Adjudication (5) Tax collected but not paid CN under sec 73/74-Practical aspects (7) SCN under sec 73/74 related Provisions

Part D – Summons and other notices – 2 Chapters: (1) Summons under (2) Other Notices under the GST
  • Extensive legal discussion & analysis with the support of numerous judgments
  • Covering practical aspects & procedure and how to handle and reply
  • Scrutiny of Returns
  • Notices and show cause notices
  • Assessment and adjudication
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