Centax GST-ExCus Annual Subscription for the year 2021 (Jan-Dec)


Electronic Library that gives you instant information on GST, Customs, EXIM, FEMA, Excise, Service Tax, SEZ, Money Laundering, Anti-dumping and Allied Laws simultaneously from Case Laws, Circulars, Notifications, Statutes, FAQs, Articles & GST Rates.

Annual Subscription for the year 2021 (Jan-Dec)

Annual Subscription for the year 2021 (Jan-Dec)

GST-ExCus is a multimedia archive with a lot of powerful tools designed to extract any information simultaneously. The key noteworthy features of GST-ExCus are as follows:


  • Powerful search wizard allows you to extract any information simultaneously from vast pool of Case Laws, Circulars, Notifications, FAQs, Articles and Statutes with authentic Headnotes of GSTL/ELT/STR
  • You can search using 8 different criteria like,
      • Subject/Topic
      • Statute
      • Number
      • Date
      • Name of Party
      • Court/Authority
      • Name of Judge and even Citation
  • Advance Search
    • Specially developed advance search feature retrieves information even if your query is not specific or loosely phrased. Write few tips of your problem without sequence
    • Inbuilt fuzzy logic of advance search still retrieves information for you
  • Summary
    • GST-ExCus provides computerized summary of retrieved records with reference to the Subject/Topic of your query
    • This helps you in have an insight of retrieved records without individually activating them
  • Current Status
    • GST-ExCus keeps track of subsequent modifications or developments for searched information.
    • It flashes a red alert as well as an audio message for any subsequent development
  • Electronic Subject Index
    • Another unique feature of GST-ExCus is the ‘Suggestion Box’, listing more than 25,000 subjects/topics
    • Besides, there are ‘Statute List’, ‘Courts/Judges List’, and ‘Parties List’
    • The user instead of typing the query can select from these lists
  • Text Reading & Hyperlinks
    • GST-ExCus has many multimedia features like ‘Text Reading’ to relieve you from the strain of reading text on computer screen.
    • Exhaustive hyperlinks in the GST-ExCus allows you to surf through linked information with least strain

About the author

Sh. R.K. Jain, the renowned author of Indirect Taxes including Customs, Central Excise, Service Tax, Foreign Trade Policy (FTP), GST and FEMA. He made his debut in early seventies and in the year 1975, he brought out Customs & Excise Tariffs and Manuals which have recently celebrated Silver/ Golden Jubilee Editions.

Excise Law Times (E.L.T.) edited by Sh. R.K. Jain was launched nearly 45 years ago and it brought awakening in the field of Central Excise and Customs. It has grown to be the prime journal on the subject with largest circulation.

Another Journal, ‘Service Tax Review’ was started in the year 2006 and finally R.K. Jain’s GST Law Times was introduced in 2017, after the advent of GST, the major Indirect Tax Reform. EXCUS is the digital version of these Journals.





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