CCH Ind AS Practices Demystified By CA Santosh Maller Edition June 2018

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Key Features

• Amended as per “Companies (Ind AS) Amendments Rules, 2018”

• Simplified & Concise summaries of Ind AS Standards

• Analysis of Ind AS 115 Vs. Ind AS 18

• Analysis of recent Ind AS issues discussed in ITFG Bulletins and MAT clarifications released by CBDT

• Practical insights along with real-life implementation experiences of companies reporting as per Ind AS

• Ind AS presentation & disclosure requirements, benchmarking with Indian & International best practices

• Complex Ind AS accounting issues explained with simple examples and journal entries

• Analysis based on financial statements & results of companies

• Exhaustive Case-study with Journal Entries & Illustrative Financial Statements for first-time adoption and subsequent year

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