CA Foundation Perfect Revision Book All Subject (Key to Crack CA Exam) By Chandan Poddar Applicable for June 2023 Exam


CA Foundation Perfect Revision Book By Chandan Poddar

CA Foundation Perfect Revision Book By Chandan Poddar

Chandan Poddar introduces CA Foundation Revision notes in book form which includes chapter-wise revisionary notes of Accounts, Law, BCR, Maths, Stats, Lr, Economics and BCK. This book is the perfect revision material for CA foundation June 2023 students. For Nov 2023 student books will be released in Aug first week.

How to use this book?

This book includes all the main points from where questions are designed by ICAI, and to get the maximum advantage it is personally advised by Chandan Poddar sir to read this book daily at least once in last 60-75 days irrespective of the fact whether you have completed your syllabus or not.

How much time it will take to read the complete book?

Initially, book reading will take around 3-4 hours. However, with multiple readings, this time will reduce to 1 hour in 10-15 days.

Why the book is named Perfect Revision?

Well. Just read it you will name it “Super Perfect revision”

Can I refer to this book for my attempt?

For June 2023 attempt this book is perfect and for Nov 2023 attempt new book is released in the 1st week of Aug 2023.  So, place your order accordingly.

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