CA Final FR Latest Batch Full Book Set(With Striker 5.0) New Syllabus By Sarthak Jain Applicable for November 2022 Exam

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CA Final Books-FR Books Question & Answer Striker CA Sarthak Jain

CA Final Books-FR Books Question & Answer Striker CA Sarthak Jain

CA Final New FR Latest Batch Full Book Set (With Striker 5.0) By CA Sarthak Jain in PaperBack mode. These books are beneficial for Nov 22 and onward attempts.

1. Brahmastra Book – MultiColoured Book. All Concepts and Selected Concept Building Practical Questions with solutions for: Introduction and RoadMap, IndAS Based FS, Schedule III – Division 2, Ind AS 1, Financial Instruments, Consolidation, Business Combination, Share-Based Payments

2. Ind AS Drone Charts – Handcrafted book which makes ‰ÛÏInd AS & Other Topics‰۝ easy to understand & revise one day before exams Pictorial presentation of all concepts. These are not summary charts but Drone Charts – Comprehensive & Concise, covers ‰ÛÏInd AS & Other Topics‰۝ with SJ’s conceptual clarity and coverage

3. Q&A Striker Book – Handcrafted Concept Building Questions for building every concept, Study Material questions with updated solutions, IFRS Questions adapted as per IndAS, Past exams AS Based Questions re-drafted as per IndAS with Solutions,Clarification Bulletin, Education Material, MTP and RTP questions included Updated as per ICAI’s revised SM 2020

About The Author:-

  • He is a Chartered Accountant with All India 46th Rank in CA Final. He had cleared all the CA exams in the first attempt & also has a degree in management & administration.
  • He also has a rare experience of 2.5 years in one of the Top Corporates of India, ITC Ltd, where he gained extensive practical exposure relating to Accounting Standards, Auditing and Indirect Taxes including conducting internal audits of Indias largest Paperboard factories, Cigarette factories (with daily Excise duty payments of 5 Crores+), leading IT Companies amongst various other divisions. He was also instrumental in Accounts preparation and had gained extensive hands on experience in the said fields during this period.He is a faculty for different subjects in CA Course. Thousands of his students have tasted success in CA exams in the very first attempt itself with a alumni of 10000+ students taught till date from different parts of the nation particularly MP, CG, Rajasthan, Delhi-NCR, Gujrat, Maharashtra, UP, Assam and Bihar.
  • He enjoys absolute command over his subject and is the first choice of all students for Financial Reporting (CA Final), Indirect Tax Laws (CA Final), Auditing (CA IPCC & Final) and is specially recognized across India as a master of Accounting Standards. His special separate batch of Accounting Standard enjoys absolute monopoly in the market.
  • He has already authored books on Accounting, Auditing and Accounting Standards widely referred to by students hundreds of students in Central India.
  • He is also well recognized for his efforts for placements of freshly qualified CAs in top corporates of India with placements upto 200+ CAs every year.
  • He has been a speaker in various ICAI seminars and is being regularly invited by various Institutes and Universities for delivering lectures on topics of professional interest.
  • He also is the President of CACTUS (CA Community for talented and Uprising Students), a community of CA Students facilitating development, support and direction of CA students.
  • Before completing CA, he had also topped in his 12th Senior Secondary Exams for which he was awarded the All India National Merit Scholarship.
  • He was also awarded with the certificate of merit for his exceptional performance of attaining 100/100 marks in CBSE  XII Mathematics.
  • At the age of 17 itself, he was interviewed by various dailies including the Times of India for his par excellent scholastic performance.







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