CA Final Combo Direct Tax Compact Only And IDT Main Book By CA Bhanwar Borana , CA Yogendra Bangar Applicable for November 2023 Exam


CA Final Combo DT Compact And IDT Main Book By Bhanwar Borana

CA Final Combo DT Compact And IDT Main Book By Bhanwar Borana


Direct Tax Compact Book CA Final By Bhanwar Borana


Volume – 1

  1. General Tax Rates & Marginal Relief
  2. Income From Capital Gain
  3. Income From Other Sources
  4. Valuation Rules
  5. Profit & Gains From Business Or Profession
  6. Income Computaion & Disclosure Standards
  7. Amalgamation & Demerger
  8. Bonus Striping Transaction And Bond Washing Transaction
  9. Taxation Of Dividend & Deemed Dividend 9. Taxation In Case Of Liquidation
  10. Taxation Of Buy Back
  11. Taxation Of Political Parties
  12. Electoral Trust
  13. Taxation Of Firm & LLP
  14. Taxation of Trust
  15. Tax On Accreted Income(Exit Tax)
  16. Taxation Of AOP/BOI
  17. Taxation Of Business Trust(Reit/lnvit)
  18. Taxation Of Investment Fund
  19. Taxation Of Securitisation Trust
  20. Minimum Alternate Tax(MAT
  21. Alternate Minimum Tax (AMT)
  22. Taxation Of Co.Op.Societies
  23. Deduction /s 10AA-SEZ
  24. Deduction u/c Vi-A
  25. Return filing & Assessment procedure
  26. Appeal & Revision
  27. Advance tax
  28. Interest u\s 234a.234b.234c.234d.244a
  29. TDS &TCS
  30. Dispute Resolution Committee
  31. Cash Loan, Deposits & Advances
  32. Clubbing Of Income
  33. Set Off & C/f Of Losses
  34. Income From Salary
  35. Taxation In Case Of Esops
  36. Income From House Property
  37. Agriculture Income
  38. Tonnage Taxation
  39. Expenditure Income For Exempt Income
  40. GAAR
  41. Liability In Special Cases
  42. Penalties & Prosecution
  43. Miscellaneous Provisions
  44. Sft & Reportable Account
  45. Remaining Case Laws

Volume – 2

  1. Transfer Pricing
  2. Non Resident Taxation
  3. Double Taxation Relief
  4. Advance Ruling
  5. Equalisation Levy
  6. Model Tax Conventions
  7. Application & Interpretation of tax Treaties
  8. Base Erosion and Profit Shifting
  9. Rule128 Foreign tax Credit
  10. Rate of Exchange for Conversion into Rupees of Income earn in foreign Currency

CA Final Indirect Tax (IDT) Main Book

It is with great pride and pleasure that we bring to you our book on Indirect Taxes Comprehensive Guide to Indirect Tax Laws that has not only enjoyed great market success but has also received the appreciation of our dear readers. This book covers the syllabus prescribed for CA Final New Scheme 

This book incorporates the following

  • New & Unique 312illustrations(265 on GST & 47 on customs & FTP)
  • GST & Customs Laws as amended by Finance Act, 2022
  • Revised Foreign Trade Policy (2015-2020)
  • Guidelines Answers, Landmark judgmentsand select cases of ICAI
  • Tables,Flow Charts & Diagramsfor easy understanding of GST Laws
  • Latest Circularsand Notifications upto 30th April 2023



  1. GST in India  A Brief Introduction
  2. Supply under GST
  3. Charge of GST
  4. Composition Levy
  5. Exemption from GST
  6. Place of Supply
  7. Export and Import
  8. Time of Supply
  9. Value of Supply
  10. Input Tax Credit
  11. Registration
  12. Tax Invoice, Credit and Debit Notes
  13. Accounts and Records
  14. Payment of Tax, TDS & TCS
  15. Returns
  16. Refunds
  17. Assessment and Audit
  18. Inspection, Search, Seizure and Arrest
  19. Administration, Demands and Recovery
  20. Liability to Pay in Certain Cases
  21. Advance Ruling
  22. Appeals and Revision
  23. Offences and Penalties
  24. Job Work and Miscellaneous Provisions


25.Basic Concepts

26.Classification & Types of Customs Duties


28.Importation and Exportation

29.Duty Drawback

30.Baggage, Postal Articles & Stores

31.Exemptions and Refunds


Foreign Trade Policy (2015-2020)

About the Author:-

Dr. Yogendra Bangar

Mr. Bangar a member of ICAI, is the founder and pioneer of AADHYAS  Academy and Prakashan. A thorough educationist and a self made man with an excellent academic record throughout, he laid the foundation stone of Aadhya Academy in 1996. Beginning with table coaching to a couple of students, he has over the years, step by step with great determination and hardwork built a strong Knowledge based education support system providing a platform to aspiring students to pursue and achieve their goals. He believes in the saying, Learn as if you were to live forever it is his continuous thirst for knowledge that has gained him a name amongst intellectual heads in the renowned Institutes of Commerce. His commitment for quality education has enabled him to develop a unique method of teaching and learning which retains the strong characteristics of conservative learning and teaching methods developed in lines with the latest technologies. Thus, blending the values of traditional system with the modern concept of education with technology

Dr. Vandana Bangar

Mrs. Bangar a member of ICAI, is a person with a bright and successful educational background. She joined her husband Shri Yogendra Bangar in this association as a faculty in Business and Corporate Laws. She believes that the strongest people aren t always the people who win, but the people who don t give up when they lose. She has been a strong support in building the Academy. Being committed towards achieving the vision set for Aadhyas, she has left no stone unturned in taking the institution to its present heights.

CA Bhanwar Borana by Profession & Professor by PASSION !!! After attaining the respect of being called a CA, he chose to spread and share his knowledge to the coming young students who aspire to be CAs too. He believe that studies with fun is a great blend which makes the aspirants achieve their goals with full precision.

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