CA Final Audit Full Course Drone Charts 4.0 By CA Sarthak Jain Applicable for November 2023 Exam

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CA Final Audit Full Course Drone Charts 4.0 By CA Sarthak Jain

CA Final Audit Full Course Drone Charts 4.0 By CA Sarthak Jain

Includes Two Drone Charts

1. CA Final Audit Drone Charts 4.0 – Covers Code of Ethics, Company Audit including CARO, Corporate Governance & Audit Committee, Audit of Consolidated Financial Statements and SA 200 to 720

2. Special Audit Drone Charts 6.0 – Covers all other Chapters of CA Final Audit – PSU, NBFC, Peer Review & Quality Review, Investigation, Due Diligence & Forensic Audit, Internal, Management & Operational Audit, Liabilities of Auditors, Automated Environment, Audit under Fiscal Laws (Tax Audit, Public Trust Audit), Audit of Banks & Insurance Company, Audit Planning, Strategy & Execution, Risk Assessment & Internal Control

•    Drone Charts are not just summaries but comprehensive notes presented precisely with technical terms in pictorial form for easy and crisp understanding and visual memorization.

•   Updated content as per ICAI-2022 material

•   Designed to assist solving integrated case study based MCQs

•   Full topics summarised – Enough for Exams and Great for last day revision

•   Scientifically Designed & Beautifully Crafted

•   Multi-coloured, High Quality Art Paper by CA Sarthak Jain and designed by India’s best designer

•   Relevant for all attempts.


•   Digital Notes are encrypted notes to be viewed on screen using specific application that will be provided along with books link. These are read-only and non-printable.

•   Validity for Digital books is one year from date of Activation.

•  Digital Books can be viewed on FAST Windows and Android App (One device at a Time). Widows application can be installed on laptop with Windows 8 or higher version. Android app can be installed on Android 7 or higher version.

•   If you opt for Books with digital notes, you will get both hard copy of book and digital notes.

•   Digital books once activated on a device will not be transferred on any other device in any case.

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