Vikas Publishing Business Communication: Semester I: (NEP 2020 for the University of Delhi) By Pooja Khanna Edition 2023


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Business Communication Semester I (NEP 2020 for the University of Delhi)

Business Communication Semester I (NEP 2020 for the University of Delhi)

Effective business communication is the key to success in corporate life. We live in an era where words and gestures play an important role in Communication. Businesses operate in various circumstances and at different levels. It is paramount that the communication amongst organizations is clear and effective, and also takes into account cultural sensitivities. This is where the concept of Business Communication comes into play. This book, written in accordance with the syllabus of the University of Delhi, is an attempt to equip the readers with skills required to communicate effectively in a business situation. It would also be useful for the students of B.Com, BBA and MBA of other universities, and for anyone looking to learn the nitty-gritties of business communication

Key Features

• Tailormade as per the Undergraduate Curriculum Framework (UGCF) effective
from academic session 2022-23 based on the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020
• Analysis of the vital components of business communication
• Informative use of illustrations, examples, diagrams and pictures
• Inclusion of review questions
• New tools for business communication, such as emails, teleconferencing, video
conferencing and netiquettes, are discussed in detail


Unit 1: Introduction to the Essentials of Business Communication
1: Introduction to the Essentials of Business Communication
2: Channels/Media/Types of Communication
3: Levels/Directions of Communication
4: Effective Communication: Barriers, Solutions, Techniques and Alternatives
Unit 2: Effective Writing
5: Guidelines for Clear Writing
6: References, Bibliography and Research Tools
Unit 3: Report Writing
7: Report Writing
8: Minutes of a Meeting
Unit 4 : Business Correspondence and E-Correspondence
9: Business Letters
10: Memorandums
11: Circulars and Notices
12: Office Order

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