Bloomsbury Supreme Court on Company Law (Set of 3 Volumes ) Edition February 2022

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Bloomsbury Supreme Court on Company Law Edition February 2022

Bloomsbury Supreme Court on Company Law Edition February 2022

Article 141 of the Constitution of India has declared that the law laid down by the Supreme Court shall be binding on all courts within the territory of India. The Supreme Court is thus not only the Constitutional Court, it is also the highest court in the country, the final Court of Appeal.

This Compendium puts together all the significant judgments rendered by the Supreme Court on matters arising under the Companies Act, 1913 / 1956 / 2013. The Compendium comes in three volumes covering judgments from 1950 till 2021. The judgements have been placed in ascending order, beginning from 1950, catalogued first volume onwards.

Each judgement has been supplemented with a precise head note highlighting the ratio decidendi by the Apex Court. Relevant paras to the judgment have been mentioned for quick reference of the ratio. Besides the Table of Cases, the Compendium has been enriched with comprehensive Subject- Index which has been drafted in a lucid manner adding to the utilitarian quotient of this publication, along with the Section Index.

Useful for the Bar and Bench, Corporate Professionals, Law firms, Corporate Houses, Education institutes, etc.

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