Bloomsbury Handbook on Securities Laws By Gaurav Pingle Edition June 2021

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Bloomsbury Handbook on Securities Laws By Gaurav Pingle

Bloomsbury Handbook on Securities Laws By Gaurav Pingle

‘Securities Law’ is not independent topic in itself and to understand the subject, the student or professional should be aware of some basic and important corporate law concepts e.g. company, types of companies (private company / public company), members /shareholders, shares, debentures, voting rights, listing of shares, prospectus, stock exchange, rights and obligations of shareholders and directors, etc. Handbook on Securities Laws covers these concepts in detail along with discussion on every section/clause of some important legislations like SEBI Act, 1992, Depositories Act, 1996 and Securities (Contract) Regulation Act, 1956. Wherever necessary, reference to the relevant provisions of the Companies Act and Rules, Rules and Regulations made under respective Acts and also SEBI’s Annual Report has been given. Some of the key points and issues like powers of SEBI, penalty and adjudication under SEBI Act, UPSI and its materiality, etc. are discussed in the light of latest judgments of the Court or Tribunals.


Handbook on Securities Laws is a valuable reference work explaining every concept connected with Securities Laws. In addition, it discusses in detail some important legislations like SEBI Act, 1992, Depositories Act, 1996 and Securities (Contract) Regulation Act, 1956. References to Companies Act, Rules, Rules and Regulations under respective Acts along with SEBI’s Annual Report have been given to make it a comprehensive read for the readers. Various case laws, both landmark and latest, are added to ensure that its readers are aware of the depth and complexity of the issues and comprehend the same in light of judgements of the Court or Tribunals.

About the Author

Gaurav N Pingle is an Associate Member of ICSI and has completed Masters in Commerce. Gaurav brings in 12 plus years of practice and industry experience, advising on business set-up in India, core Company Law matters from day-to-day compliance to advisory, transaction advisory, Foreign Exchange Management Laws, SEBI Listing Regulations, Securities laws for domestic, multinational and listed companies. He is frequently consulted by corporates, Compliance Officers, Company Secretaries, Lawyers, Chartered Accountants on critical corporate law matters and interpretation issues in Corporate and Securities Laws and he provides opinions on the same as well.

He has authored books on Companies (Amendment) Act, 2017, Related Party Transactions, Virtual Meetings under Companies Act which were well received by the readers. As an avid researcher, he religiously authors articles and dedicated columns on the current case laws, latest happenings in Corporate Laws and articulates his views, which are published in leading professional and business journals. Many of his articles have bagged the ‘Best Article’ award. He authors dedicated columns and articles on corporate secretarial practice. He also conducts internal training programs and workshops for companies, Law firms, CA firms and CS firms on topics relating to Corporate Laws and Corporate Governance. Having a flair in teaching, he has been the visiting faculty for Company Law and Investment and Securities Laws at ILS Law College, Pune for 4 years now. He was also a visiting faculty at various colleges in Bangalore, Mangalore and Udipi. He has been invited to participate and address many conferences, seminars and workshops, study circle meetings and training workshops conducted by ICSI, ICAI, Management Colleges and Law Colleges.

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