Bharat Law Publication Tax Planning Issues Ideas Innovations By S. Rajaratnam Edition June 2022

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Bharat Law Publication Tax Planning Issues Ideas S Rajaratnam

Bharat Law Publication Tax Planning Issues Ideas S Rajaratnam


1 Tax Planning-An overview

2 Interpretation of Tax Laws :

3 Importance of Documentation in Tax Plannmg

4 Mutual Associations-Tax Savers

5 Diversion by Overriding Title

6 Real Income Theory-A Useful Argument

7 Hindu Undivided Families-I

8 Hindu Undivided Families-II

9 Hindu Undivided Families-lII

10 Charities Can Save Tax

11 Accounting Requirements-Precepts and Practice

12 Agricultural Income

13 Corporate Sector-Distinct Treatment

14 Amalgamations and Demergers – Tax Implications

15 Minimum Alternate Tax/Alternate Minimum Tax

16 Conversion of Proprietary Business into a Firm/Company

17 Planning for Conversion of Firm Into Company

18 Limited Liability Partnership-A New Opportunity

19 Partnership Finn Tax and other Implications

20 Interest Income/Annuities – Assessability

21 Choice of Investment-investment Planning

22 PPF is Premier Tax Saver 44(16) Tax Planning-Issues. Ideas. Innovations

23 Non-Residents and Non-Resident Indians-Planning for Residential Status

24 Profit-sharing Plans

25 Year of Assessment

26 Planning Pay Packet From Tax Point of View

27 Planning for Professionals

28 Investment in Housing From Tax Point of View

29 Business-Basic Features

30 Business Expenditure-Deductions-l

31 Business Expenditure Deductions-II

32 Depreciation

33 Presumptive Taxation-When and How Availed

34 Capital Gains-Charge

35 Capital Gains-Reliefs

36 Clubbing of lncome (Sections 60 to 64)

37 Relief for Exports, SEZs, EOUs/New Industrial Undertakings in N.E. Region

38 Concessions for New Industrial Undertakings

39 Deductions and Other Concessions Without Tears

40 Scheme for Rehabilitation from BTFR-Tax Savings on a Platter

41 on-Resident Taxation-Sections 9 and 10

42 Non-resident Taxation with Extension to Residents-Advance Rulings Transfer Pricing

43 Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements

44 Intellectual Property Rights-Problems for the Future

45 Private Trusts-Limited Scope

46 Senior Citizens-Special Concessions

47 Tax Valuation

48 Procedural Law

49 Prohibition of Cash Transactions in Excess Certain Limits

50 Tax Deduction and Tax Collection at Source

51 Settlement Commission-A Way Out for Taxpayers in Distress

52 Real Property Transactions

53 Benami Law and Tax Implications

54 Family Arrangement

55 Protection Against Survey

56 Search-Safeguards

57 Penalties and Prosecution and How to Avoid Them

58 Tax on Gift

59 Wealth Tax

60. Right to Information Act, 2005

61. The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016

62. Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana, 2016


RAJARATNAM, MA, LL.M, FICWA, after a brief spell as lecturer in Economics, joined the Indian Revenue Service and retried as Accountant Member, Income-tax Appellate Tribunal in 1985. During his service, he was deputed to Sri Lanka as Tax Expert during 1960-62 and to Government of Tamil Nadu as member of Sales-tax and Agricultural Income-tax Appellate Tribunals during 1971-75. He contributes articles for various Tax Journals, including Income Tax Reports, and the column “Tax Forum” for the HINDU. He has authored a number of books, which include: Tax Management; Guide to Voluntary Disclosure Scheme, 1997 Tax Concessions for Foreign Exchange Eamers; Guide to Tax Deduction at Source; Tax Audit Reports; Tax Deduction for Industries in Backward Districts; Landmark Cases on Direct Tax Laws; and Block Assessment. He has also co-authored a number of books, some of which are: Search Seizures, Survey & Summons; Income Tax Prosecution; Tax Valuation; Settlement Commission and Authority for Advance Rulings; Kar Vivad Samadhan Scheme, 1998; and Commentary on Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements. Recently he has revised the well-known commentary: Sampath Iyengays Law of Income-tax for its tenth edition in eight volumes. He has also revised the current 11 th edition of Sampath Iyengays Law of income Tax in eight volumes Tax Planning-Issues, Ideas, Innovations is his notable contributon to tax Irterature, which has run into five edrtions in nine years

B.V. VENKATARAMAIAH.Sc ., BGL, was a faculty in University of Mysore till July, 1951 before joining Indian evenue Service (Income-tax) in 1951. He worked at various places: Mumbai, Calcutta, Hyderabad, Salem and Chennai in various capacities. He was a Commissioner of Income-tax in Calcutta when he was appointed as Member, Income-tax Appellate Tribunal in January, I 980,lill his retirement in 1986. He writes articles relating to tax for newspapers and tax journals. He writes a regular feature “Comments on Judgments” for Current Tax Reporter. He has co-authored the following books: Kar Vivad Samadhan Scheme, 1998; and Commentary on Double TaxationAvoidanceAgreements.


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