Bharat Interest on TDS Litigations By Kasi Viswanathan V Edition 2024

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Bharat Interest on TDS Litigations By Kasi Viswanathan V

Bharat Interest on TDS Litigations By Kasi Viswanathan V

About Book:

With every passing year, Income Tax TDS (Tax Deduction at Source) provisions continue to get wider and deeper. Especially in recent years wherein goods, virtual digital assets have also come within confines of TDS provisions, TDS has become ubiquitous and is gaining interest. Enlargement of scope coupled with practical challenges results into unintended TDS defaults. TDS defaults qua tax is to an extent insulated by the actual payment of tax by the recipient of income, it is the interest liability on such TDS defaults which annoys the most. This book is an attempt to assimilate the contours of the levy of interest on TDS defaults. Foremost object is to being mindful that TDS is one of the modes of recovery of tax. Therefore, proceedings in respect of the same should be given its commensurate share of importance and avoid extremes i.e., no more and no less.

Chapters are not watertight compartments, there are lot of common grounds across the same, they have split under different heads for ease of understanding. Reference is made extensively to various case-laws which has influenced understanding of the topic and kindled the thought process. Brief digest of the decisions or extract of the relevant portion from the decisions are placed under the caption ‘significant pointers’ along with author’s comments in order to distinguish between the aspects flowing from the decision and aspects from the author’s understanding of the same.

Book aims to act as guide in devising one’s path when confronted with interest demands under section 201(1A). It endeavours to bring out a unified approach from all stakeholders in comprehending Chapter XVII as one integrated code.

The book will be very useful to the tax administrators, lawyers, chartered accountants and consultants in understanding the subject and putting it to practical use.

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